How to write shameless or without shame

Shameless or without shame? Is it written together or separately? This is a common question and it is essential to know the correct way to write these types of words so as not to make spelling mistakes. And is that writing correctly says a lot about our person, especially when it comes to writing school documents, work, etc. Therefore, in we explain in detail how to write scoundrel or without shame, do not stop reading it!


It is written "scoundrel" together to refer to a person with a certain mischievous attitude or who moves only for their own interests. In this way, it is correct to write "scoundrel" as a single word when it is an adjective or in its substantive form.


  • The neighbor is so scoundrel that the community does not pay.
  • A scoundrel stole my cousin's cell phone.

without shame

Instead, we will write "without shame" separately when we want to refer to a certain way of acting, that is, without fear or shyness or shame. In this way, it will be an adverbial phrase within the sentence.


  • You should not fear him, talk to him without shame .
  • Although she seemed shy, she addressed the teacher without embarrassment.

Shameless or without shame?

In conclusion:

  • We will write "scoundrel" together to refer to a specific person.
  • It is written " without shame" separately to indicate the way someone acts.