How to care for a dog with scabies

Scabies is a disease caused by microscopic parasites called mites that can affect the skin and ears of various animals, including dogs. Therefore, it will be important to take into account these tips on how to know if my dog ​​has scabies. In addition, there are several types of scabies, depending on the mite involved, in .com we review the most relevant to help you know how to care for a dog with scabies.

The scabies of the ears

Otodectic mange or scabies of the ears occurs when the mites penetrate the auditory canal causing otitis, which will be accompanied by scratching, head shaking and the presence of cerumen.

There are products in the form of a pipette capable of preventing and controlling the process, available in veterinary centers. In the cases established, this product can be combined with another in the form of drops that is administered directly in the ear.

Sarcoptic mange

The mites known as sarcoptes and also those of the genus cheyletiella can affect the skin of the body of the animal, causing zonal alopecias that can spread, and itching .

Many cases can be prevented by pipettes, although in the most serious cases baths with an insecticide product are necessary.

Demodectic mange

It is caused by a mite called demodex, which lodges in the hair follicles causing focal alopecias that tend to spread. It does not usually produce itching. It is typical of animals with low defenses, puppies and also of certain breeds, such as Shar-pei, and it does not usually affect healthy adults.

Although to treat it baths with almitraz are almost always essential, combined or not with moxidectina - an insecticide - orally, can be prevented by pipettes.

It is very important, in susceptible animals or in those that have been affected at some time, to be alert to situations that may cause a decrease in the defenses, such as pregnancy, since the mite could reappear.