How to care for a freshwater fish

If we follow a series of simple steps, we will be able to care for a freshwater fish, paying attention to two basic aspects: the food that it requires and the type of aquarium in which it must live. In .com we explain how to care for a freshwater fish .

Steps to follow:


A freshwater fish can be tropical or cold water. In the animal shop where we acquired it, we will have to consult it. Then, depending on the response, we will install a heater in the aquarium and set it to the corresponding temperature.


The feeding of a freshwater fish can be composed of artemia, flake preparations or many other variants that we can find in the pet shop, with a daily intake. As in the case of humans, the more variety, the better. The amount will depend on the age, the species and the size of our pet.


A filter is essential to keep the water of our freshwater fish in good condition. In addition, every week we must change three quarters of the aquarium water. When we carry out the renovation, we must add a few drops of anticloro.


The size of the aquarium, rather than whether the fish is freshwater or saltwater, will depend on the quantity and size of the fish. When it comes to making freshwater fish, keep in mind that not all species can live together, so you should check with the pet store.