Aloe vera for cats with leukemia - benefits and treatment

Many diseases that humans suffer, can also suffer from animals, such as leukemia. Feline leukemia is a cancer in blood cells (ie, a leukemia) caused by a retrovirus that affects cats. Also called feline leukemia virus, leukemia in cats or VLFe, is a condition that can be fatal if the immune system of our cat fails to defeat the virus.

The good news is that we can help our pet overcome this bump with different natural treatments, including aloe vera. If you want to know how to use aloe vera for cats with leukemia, keep reading this article from.

Symptoms of feline leukemia

There are ways to help our pet fight this virus, but the most important thing is to first detect the symptoms of feline leukemia :

  • Loss of appetite and / or weight.
  • Loss of hair.
  • Infections and / or skin lesions.
  • Infections in the bladder.
  • Infections in the respiratory tract.
  • Convulsions
  • Jaundice.
  • Enlargement of the lymph nodes or lymphadenopathy.
  • Cansacio.
  • Fever.
  • Anemia.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Gingivits and other oral problems.
  • Stop using the sandbox.
  • Shortage of toilet.
  • Recurrent diseases.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Pancytopenia

As you can see, the symptoms that feline leukemia can present are very varied and do not have to occur all of them. That is why, to detect any of these or other symptoms, you must go to the vet urgently .

Natural treatment for feline leukemia

While it is true that no natural treatment will cure our cat, it will help to have a better quality of life.

  • Vitamins for cats with leukemia : the use of adequate vitamins can help our cat to improve their immune system and will whet your appetite, among others. It is important, however, that you consult with your veterinarian which would be the best vitamins for your cat.
  • Aloe vera for cats with leukemia : aloe vera is known worldwide for having great healing properties. Administering your cat the juice of this plant can be very helpful. Next, we will talk in more detail about the use of aloe vera for cats with leukemia.
  • I think for cats with leukemia : another of the best ways to help your pet is by providing high quality feed, that is, premium range, since these foods are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you have doubts about which is best for your sick cat, consult your veterinarian.

Alternative therapies for cats with leukemia

  • Reiki for cats : Reiki consists of healing the body, mind and spirit with the use of universal energy that filters through the hands. This can be a good alternative to try to heal your cat, since there are many beliefs that reiki can cure diseases completely. However, everything is speculation and since we can not ensure that this is true, but it can help your cat to be better.

Properties and benefits of aloe vera for cats with leukemia

One of the concerns of the owners is whether aloe vera is poisonous to cats, but the truth is that no, aloe vera is not toxic to cats . This concern is so widespread because if the cat eats the bark of aloe vera or the part of the pulp closest to the bark, then it can have a laxative effect on the animal and cause diarrhea. However, the juice itself of aloe vera is beneficial for cats with leukemia for multiple reasons:

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties : what will help your cat to fight against the feline leukemia virus. This is due to the aloetin and saponins that this plant contains.
  • Strengthens the immune system : mainly due to carricin, one of the most important active ingredients of aloe vera. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it also improves the defenses of our pet.
  • Protects the gastric and intestinal mucosa : this is thanks to aloemodina and aloeoleĆ­na, components that can help that the drugs that we administer to our cat do not damage your digestive system.

How to administer aloe vera in cats with leukemia

It can be applied both orally and cutaneously, if our cat has skin lesions. We just have to consider two things :

  • That aloe vera will be organically grown and suitable for human consumption. These are the highest quality in the market.
  • We must also ensure that the pulp of aloe vera is fairly centric, that is, does not touch the bark to avoid having a laxative effect on the animal.

Cutaneous use of aloe vera in cats

You can choose either to apply the pulp directly on the skin of the feline, that is, rubbing a square or rectangle of aloe vera on their physical injuries, or you can beat the pulp and apply the juice of the plant as if it were a cream.

Oral use of aloe vera in cats

Administering aloe vera orally will help your cat strengthen its immune system, improve its defenses, fight the virus and protect its digestive system. For this you must be very careful with the dose administered. As a general rule, the recommended dose is 1 ml per kilo of the animal's body weight. However, in very sick cats, up to 2 ml per kilo can be administered.

How much a cat lives with leukemia

Since there is no cure for feline leukemia, but only drugs and natural treatments to help improve their quality of life, it is estimated that the average life expectancy of sick cats with the VLFe virus is about 3 years . It is also estimated that, if the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage, it can be shortened to a few months.

However, if the cat is properly cared for and all possible treatments are given, his life may be extended for several more years . In any case, ask your veterinarian what could be the best itinerary to improve the health of your pet.

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