How to write crossing or crossing

Writing without making spelling mistakes is extremely important to subsequently develop any work successfully and make a good impression. However, it is common to have doubts about what is the correct way to write certain words, but to dissipate them is essential to find out and look up the terms in the dictionary. An issue that generates confusion frequently in the Spanish language is the distinction between the graphs / -c / and / -z / in some words. In the following article we show you an example of it and we help you to solve how it is written cross or cross .


If we look for the term 'crossing' in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we check that it is registered and that it can refer to different meanings, note:

  • Third person of the singular of the present indicative of the verb 'to cross', which means' to cross one thing over another. Example: Remind Mario to cross when the light is green.
  • First person of the singular of the present subjunctive of the verb 'to cross'. Example: I wish I did not cross with her at the party .
  • As a noun to designate "a point where two lines intersect each other". Example: This crossing is very dangerous, since many accidents have occurred in it.
  • As a noun to designate "a telephone interference or radiated emissions". Example: Whenever I call you on the phone, there is a crossing of voices.

* cruze

On the contrary, if we look for the term 'cruze' in the dictionary, we quickly verify that it is not collected and that the previous form is shown to us by having a similar writing.

That is why we conclude that 'cruze' written with 'z' is completely incorrect, and that we should always write 'junction' with 'c' .