How to write sale or purchase sale

Although it is pronounced as a single word, do you write purchase or sale ? The truth is that it is very common for us to have doubts about whether to write together or separately some terms of Spanish. If you are also asking yourself what is the correct way to write it, we will explain in detail how you write purchase or sale.


To refer to the trade of used things or antiques, we must write "sale" together, that is, as a single word. And is that although it comes from the union of two terms, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) collects it as a single word.


  • This is a neighborhood where the sale of antique furniture abounds.
  • Yesterday they signed the contract for the sale of the business.

* purchase sale

Thus, it is not appropriate to write "* sale" as two separate words, so we should never opt for this option or we will be making a spelling mistake. And, as we said, the body that rules the language recommends using the previous form.

In the same way, one should not opt ​​for "* buying and selling" written with a hyphen between one word and another.

of buying and selling

It should be noted that the dictionary of the RAE also includes an alternative form to the "contract of sale" which is to write "contract of purchase and sale", that is to say with the copulative conjunction in the middle to join both words.


  • Yesterday they signed the contract to buy and sell the business.