How to care for a German shepherd

Do you share your life with a beautiful German shepherd ? Well you are in luck because it is an extraordinary, beautiful, energetic and very intelligent dog breed. A responsible tenancy involves caring for your pet with the best care to ensure a life full of well-being. In .com we tell you how to take care of a German shepherd to keep it strong, healthy and wonderful.

Steps to follow:


One of the most important aspects you must take into account to care for your German shepherd is to provide him with an area where he can be fresh. If you let him go out to the balcony, terrace or garden try to always have shade and water at your fingertips. German shepherds are very susceptible to high temperatures, you should give them enough fresh water, and try not to exercise in the hours of more sun.


Take time to train him since he is a puppy . The German Shepherd is a very intelligent breed so it is worth spending time with him to teach him and you will also reinforce the emotional bond with your dog. If since you are a puppy you educate him as he grows and becomes strong, he will obey all your orders. Your dog will be your most faithful and loyal friend that you can imagine and with a good training your dog will be obedient and docile. For this, we recommend you also read our article about how to train a German shepherd.


A German Shepherd is a large dog breed . They are very active, energetic and need a lot of living space; as we explained in the article about how a German shepherd is. If you live in an apartment try to take it out for a walk and run more frequently. If you have a balcony and a corridor, it is also a good idea to play and run but always with caution and protecting the outside area.

Find a garden or safe area where your dog can run freely to release energy and tension. Let him relate to other dogs and play this is part of his education. If you have a house with a garden, leave the area well clear so that you do not injure yourself while running and playing.


You must provide good nutrition to your German shepherd . Make sure you feed him a couple of times a day and the appropriate amount to not overfeed him. You could even have an automatic feeder to schedule meals and make it easier for you if you're not at home. You should give high quality food with a good cereal base as protein. And you should always have plenty of clean water at your fingertips, always change that bowl daily and do not forget to have several per house or even a water source.


It is recommended to bathe your pet every month and if you get used to it since it is a puppy the task will be very easy. You can bathe him at home in a bathtub, on your terrace, in pet washes or even occasionally take him to a canine hairdresser to have his hair cut too. Apart from cleaning it is fundamental and your responsibility that you take your dog to the vet. You must wear it when it is a puppy for its first revision, and year after year for vaccines and bi-monthly for deworming.

You will also have to take it to punctual reviews to have your ears and mouth checked, and to control the growth of the nails, because it can be very painful if they grow a lot. This type of race as it grows usually has joint problems. If you notice that your pet has problems when he walks, he licks his legs, goes with his body slightly stooped, is certainly in pain and has to take measures taking him to the vet.


A fundamental part of the care of your German shepherd is that you must exercise your pet daily. But you must do it with intensity when you are an adult, when you are a puppy, exercising too much can hinder your development. Without constant physical activity your German shepherd will not exercise his muscles and will not release all the accumulated energy. You should exercise daily, you could even go jogging together. You could also play with him in hiding or with a ball. Anyway it is important that your dog has a good dose of physical activity so that it does not develop problems in the joints.


And the last piece of advice, even if it is more than evident, is that you give him all the love and affection he needs. The German Shepherd is a very affectionate race and loves physical contact. Do not quarrel unless you do something really bad or inappropriate. Because they are very sensitive and can associate the quarrel with you, and not with the act they have just performed. You must show your pet that you want it, your gestures and expressions speak and remember that your dog understands them.