How to care for a Neapolitan mastiff

A Neapolitan mastiff lives in your house? Then you must bear in mind that, like any living being, you need a series of specific treatments that you will need because of its size and its characteristic skin. In general lines you should know that this breed of dog is affectionate, sociable and very protective so you will never stop being alert while preserving your guard dog instinct. In this article we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you to know how to take care of a Neapolitan mastiff and get him to live in optimal conditions.

Steps to follow:


The Neapolitan mastiff is a dog breed that is characterized by being very loyal and calm. Contrary to what its appearance can show (it is a very large size, considered a giant breed ), it is a very affectionate and friendly dog, however, it has an innate protective instinct that makes it an ideal option to protect the home. He is also distrustful of strangers and the first reaction when he meets new people will be reluctant but, as soon as he knows them, he will show with all his usual sympathy.

At first glance it may seem like an aggressive animal but it is not at all. It is a perfect dog to live with children and even other animals (although it is discouraged that it is another dominant race because they could face). What we do recommend is that if your children are very young, be careful when they play because the strength of the dog could hurt, inadvertently, the child.


We start talking about its size. In this article we discover how much a Neapolitan mastiff should weigh. We have already commented that it is a giant dog breed and its normal measurements are as follows:

  • Male mastiff in adulthood: his height in cross goes from 65 to 75 cm. It can reach in spite of 60 to 70 kilos
  • Female mastiff in adulthood: it is a little smaller since its height is 60 to 68 cm and its weight of 50 to 60 kilos.

This type of dog breed usually prolong their puppyhood for longer . Until the animal does not reach the age of 3 you can not be considered an adult, so you will have to treat it with the specific care that the youngest ones require. In this article we give you some tips so that you know how to care for a puppy and understand better the needs of your dog.


Due to its large size you should know that this dog will need to go out frequently in the open air ; In fact, it is not a suitable breed to have in apartments or small flats. It is best to have space at home and, if possible, to have a garden to run or a large terrace. Keep in mind that, due to its size, the animal will eat large portions of food and will have to use the energy it provides to be healthy.

You should keep in mind that, although he loves being outdoors , he is not an agile dog nor fast, but rather a little clumsy and heavy. So avoid taking walks with a lot of rhythm or go running with it: let it go at its own pace but try to make the exits to the street are long. A perfect activity for the Neapolitan mastiff is to take him for a swim because this exercise is perfect for his body and they make the dog feel less weight.


Another aspect that you must bear in mind is that this breed will need a large amount of food to be in good physical condition. Therefore, it is important that, in addition to quantity, the food is of quality . When the Neapolitan mastiff is in adulthood he should eat at least 1 kilo of food a day and distribute meat, rice and bread. This diet is indicated to strengthen your muscles and not present a flaccid figure or is in low form.


To care for a Neapolitan mastiff you must take into account that your skin requires specific care. The folds that are so characteristic of this dog can also become a problem if they are not taken care of and maintained at good hygiene levels. To avoid any infection it is essential that after the dog eats, you clean the face so that the nose area is free of debris.

In the same way, it is also advised that you bathe the dog regularly to keep the folds clean and free of dirt. In fact, it is advised that once a month or every 6 weeks a bath be given to the dog so that it is clean. The coat also falls off abundantly so weekly it is advisable that you brush it to remove the hair that has fallen and keep your coat in good condition.