How to write avalar or abalar

There are certain spellings that, due to their identical pronunciation, can generate confusion when writing those words that contain them, as happens, for example, with the / -v / and the / -b / . If you also have difficulties at the time of writing the terms with these spelling and doubts what is the correct way to do it, in the following article we help you to solve a very common case: how to write endorse or abalar, pay attention and avoid committing misspellings of this nature.


If we introduce the term 'endorse' in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), check that it is collected and that it is a verb of the first conjugation used to designate the action of "guarantee by means of endorsement " A guarantee is a guarantee used to respond to a payment that is not made by the person obliged to do so.


  • My parents have guaranteed me the purchase of my car.
  • If I can not get someone to endorse me, I can not buy a new house.

to go down

However, when we look for the term 'abalar' in the dictionary, we observe that it is registered but that it is a disused verb that in western Spain is used by the verb 'aballar', which has the meaning of "moving from a place ", " shake or shake "or" throw down, knock down ".

The verb that is most commonly used is 'endorse ', so when we want to refer to the meaning indicated in the first section, we must always write it with 'v' and not with 'b'.