How do you say grandpa or agüelo

What do you call the father of your father or mother: grandfather or grandfather, grandfather or little aguelito? Surely, use the form you use, you've heard them many times. Are all these words correct? In we want to solve the doubt about how to say grandfather or agüelo, so stay tuned to this article and stop asking.


"Grandpa" and "grandma" written with "b" are the correct ways to refer to:

  • Regarding a person, father or mother of his father or mother.
  • Old person.

These are the first two definitions we find in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the highest authority on linguistic issues in Spanish.

* agüelo

Although some people call "* agüelo" to their relatives -especially younger children- the truth is that it is an error and there is no such word.

In this way, we can determine what is said grandfather and not * agüelo, so we should always use the first word. Also, we can not say * agüelito, but we will say grandpa.