How to care for a Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is an animal of great magnetism that captivates everyone who approaches it. They are fun and loving cats that, like any other pet, require certain care. This feline race is considered one of the oldest in history is also one of the most common, so if you get a Siamese you will be acquiring a legendary animal, which you must feed, caress and distract. In we guide you about how to care for a Siamese cat .


One of your obligations as a master is to provide a series of basic care to your cat. They include a clean and cozy home where you can feel safe. Cats that live indoors have a healthier and longer life than those that live outdoors, because the latter can get diseases or pests, in addition to being exposed to greater dangers, such as animals that can attack or low temperatures. So the indoor cats are better protected.

For your life inside the home, use a sandbox where you can relieve yourself and keep it clean. For this you can help you with a shovel, to remove feces, and plastic bags, where you can insert feces for later disposal.

On the other hand, your Siamese will feel comfortable having his own bed. Buy a plush cat bed or a mat and use it to sleep there, because otherwise it will fit on your couch.


It is imperative to keep your pet hydrated and well nourished. For this, get a couple of bowls for cat food, in one of which you will put your food, and in the other, water. Remember to always keep this container with fresh, clean water so it does not swallow hairs or lint, because cats dislike drinking dirty or hot water.

In addition you must provide all the necessary nutrients to your diet, as the Siamese cats have a high metabolism. It is recommended to supply you with varied and quality foods, such as croquettes for cats. Fill your food bowl daily to keep it in good condition.

However, you should not overfeed your pet, as this could lead to feline obesity. Puppies need to be fed three times a day, because they need to get more calories and vitamins to promote good development. However, after 6 months your meals can be reduced to twice a day. Adults, from 7 years of age, also have enough with twice daily every eight or twelve hours. To achieve a healthy weight, monitor your eating habits and adjust the amount of the portions properly.


The cat, whatever the race, needs to be entertained and stay active . Toys that may keep you distracted are recommended, such as stuffed mice, scratch posts or wool balls. Regarding the posts, they are ideal for sharpening your nails and avoid scratching your furniture, because keep in mind that these animals have the need to tear.


The caresses are one of the signs of affection that most appreciate these felines. Some love being stroked on the back, others under the chin, others on the forehead. Each cat is a world, so learn the places where you most enjoy being caressed. To guide you, he recognizes that when he purrs or kneads his legs he is very satisfied and comfortable.

  • You must also choose a veterinarian for your kitten, and go when you notice that your health is not optimal, as well as for your regular vaccination or annual physical tests.
  • Wash your teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for cats, to prevent tooth decay or gingivitis.