Food to attract birds or birds

The true path to the heart of a bird is its stomach, and it is easy to attract birds with food. By understanding what birds eat and the best foods that are used to attract them, bird watchers can attract a wide variety of different species to their gardens.

What do the birds eat?

Birds have different types of diets and a series of food preferences.

  • Insects, worms and larvae
  • Seeds, herbs and plant material
  • Nectar and pollen
  • Nuts, fruits and berries
  • Rodents, snakes, and other small animals

The exact diet of a bird depends on its species and nutritional needs, which can vary from season to season. Offering food is the best way to attract them, then observe, and learn to distinguish what they prefer.

Natural foods for birds

Providing natural food sources in the garden is the ideal way to attract birds without the need to constantly replenish feeders, or spend money on buying seeds. Planning in the beginning can be expensive, but the choice of plants to feed the birds can actually be a long-term money saving, since the plants grow back more year after year, and only require minimal care .

Flowers attractive for birds

Choose perennial varieties of durable growth and with a stable food source year after year. Opt for species of different colors and heights to create an attractive landscape for birds and birds. The abundant vegetation attracts the birds towards your house, garden or field.

Trees that attract birds

The sap, sprouts, nuts, fruits and seeds produced by the trees can be all sources of abundant food. Among them, fruit trees are some of the most popular options because humans can snack on many types of fruit.

Shrubs to attract birds

Shrubs that produce flowers, berries or seeds can be delicious sources of food for birds. They can also be used to fill small spaces where trees do not grow well.

Insects that attract birds

Minimizes the use of garden pesticides that can harm the health of birds . You can also give the birds the opportunity to feed on larvae, ants, aphids and all kinds of flying insects. Many gardeners learn quickly that birds can be the most effective way to control pests, and plants will benefit from natural treatment.

Supplementary food for birds

It is not always possible to provide sufficient natural food sources for birds, especially in small yards, highly developed areas, or when extensive gardening projects can be too expensive. The addition of bird feeders and supplementary food sources is a great way to provide a greater variety of foods, and gives observers more control over which species can visit their yards.

The most popular way to provide supplementary food for birds is through a dedicated feeding station. There are many types of bird feeders to choose from, including hopper, tube and platform designs, as well as feeders designed for fruits, jelly or nectar. Without special feeder, however, birds will readily accept food from a single dish, or even on the ground. Using a variety of different feeders will attract more birds, as well as using a variety of different foods.

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Son
  • Peanuts
  • Safflower seed
  • Birdseed
  • Nectar
  • Jelly
  • Split corn
  • Flour worm

Last tips

While birds will be easily attracted to food, they need more than reliable food to consider a garden as an adequate habitat. Add a water source, adequate housing, and nesting sites. That way you will fulfill all the basic survival needs, and you will not have a reason to leave.