How to care for a newborn cat

If for some reason a newborn cat has arrived at your home that does not have its mother nearby, it is good that you know that this little animal will need all your care and attention to grow strong and healthy. So that you can be in a position to respond to the needs of the kitten, in .com we explain how to care for a newborn cat .

Steps to follow:


During the first four weeks of life, cats eat only liquids. This is very important. What we should administer to the kitten is adequate milk for its age, that we can find in any veterinarian.


As for the frequency of milk intake, if the cat is in good condition, it will be enough to feed it four times a day, if not, every two hours we will have to give him his milk ration.


As a general rule, you should give a newborn kitten thirteen milliliters per hundred grams of weight. However, the animal itself will stop drinking when it is not hungry.


To administer the milk, we can use a bottle, syringe or dropper. It is very important that, whichever instrument we choose, we should take hygiene measures and clean it thoroughly after each use, so we can feed our newborn cat taking care of its health.


When being born, the cat does not regulate its temperature, something that compensates being united with the mother and the rest of the litter. In the absence of these, we have to use blankets to keep our newborn warm, but bearing in mind that they should not be too heavy.


In the cradle of the kitten we can locate a stuffed animal that can serve the newborn to emulate his mother and lie on it.


To defecate and urinate, the newborn cat needs the stimulation of the mother. We must fulfill that task. For this, we can use a cotton that we will pass gently through the genital and anal areas of our kitten so that it can relieve itself.


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