How to care for a Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the most adorable and popular breeds among cat lovers, its hairy appearance and serious appearance make them a beloved pet. But despite the independent nature of cats we must not forget that it is a pet that requires attention and specific care to ensure their health and well-being. That's why in .com we explain how to take care of a Persian cat and keep it happy.

Steps to follow:


The Persian cat, like any other breed of cats, requires veterinary and feeding care to stay healthy. It is important that you consider the vaccination schedule that your cat will need to stay healthy and free of common diseases such as leukemia, panleucoupenia or parasites. In our article, which are the obligatory vaccines for cats, you will find detailed information about these medical care.

Placing a chip on the animal will also be useful to be able to locate it quickly in case it gets lost.


If you have never had a feline before, you are probably asking yourself many questions about your diet, especially regarding the amounts and type of food. In our article how much my cat should eat we detail the portions according to the age of the animal.


There is a very important aspect to keep in mind when caring for a Persian cat: frequent brushing . As you may have noticed, this breed has abundant and spongy hair that requires daily care to avoid the formation of knots and also to reduce the presence of hairs at home.

It is basic that from the first weeks you usually use your cat to brush, for this choose a brush with separate bristles to eliminate knots and comb those areas of abundant fur, and another of bristles together for areas where there is less amount of hair. The ideal is to do it every two days, always in a very calm way and little by little so that the animal finds it as something pleasant. When finished you can reward it with a cookie for its good behavior.


Although the cat is an animal that is not necessary to bathe, as it is done for example with the dog, because it is a pet with an exceptional hygiene that is groomed with the help of its language, there are situations in which it is possible that Persian cat requires a wash.

If your cat is completely domestic and also brushes her hair, the coat will stay very clean and you will probably never need to bathe. But if your animal's hair gets dirty in an important way or is filled with some toxic substance, the bath will be essential. To avoid that the cat goes crazy of the nerves, it is ideal that as a child you bathe a couple of times following some guidelines, in this way the cat will know the process and will react better to him in case of need.


Like any other breed, the Persian cat loves to play and have fun, and some accessories will help you boost your hunting instinct and keep you entertained while you're away. Having a scraper at home will be very important so that your nails do not grow too much, but it is not the only object that we recommend. In our article which are the best toys for cats you will find some ideal alternatives.


The Persian cat in a very docile and friendly animal, whose only need highlighted above that of other races, is the proper care of the hair. Frequent brushing will also help prevent the accumulation of hairballs in your stomach that could put your well-being at risk.

Going to the corresponding veterinary consultations and giving your pet all the love and attention it deserves is essential to grow healthy and happy.