How to relax before an exam

Are you in exam period ? Do you have to do the selectivity, the driving test or any other test? We know that nerves are normal before an exam, but you should never let them overpower you. So, you should take some measures to try to reduce your anxiety to the maximum and be able to face the questions without problems, and that is why we want to explain some tips on how to relax before an exam.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it should be noted that each person will face different exams and that is why different methods to relax before an exam may be necessary. In this way, it will be important that those who know beforehand that they get very nervous when approaching the exam time practice relaxation techniques as a daily habit or, at least, several days before the exam.


Therefore, doing yoga at home or doing meditation can be very beneficial to people who tend to have nerves to the surface. The goal of these relaxation techniques will be to learn to control our breathing, and this is one of the key factors when relaxing before an exam.

And is that although we breathe unconsciously, it is essential to do it properly, inspiring by the nose and expiring through the mouth. Likewise, abdominal breathing will help us oxygenate our body and relax; If you want more information, we recommend you read our article about how to relax by breathing.


Another fundamental factor to get rid of the nerves will be to sleep correctly the night before the exam, so if you are one of those who spend the night awake to 'do the final review' and rush until the last minute, ends with that habit. Plan your time appropriately to have enough time to prepare the exam calmly.

And is that keeping awake will prevent you from resting and you are in optimal conditions to face the exam. And - as if that were not enough - velar will increase your nervousness, since you will see hour by hour as the moment approaches.


If in spite of your will it is difficult for you to sleep and you can not sleep all night, it may be appropriate for you to choose a relaxing tea that will help you sleep more peacefully.

There are many medicinal herbs that have sedative and soothing properties that will be beneficial for your nerves, such as valerian, lime or chamomile. However, we want to offer you many other alternatives in our article: what are the best infusions to sleep . It should also be noted that it is appropriate that you consult your doctor beforehand in case you suffer from any illness or chronic condition, in order to avoid possible contraindications.


On the other hand, physical exercise is another of the formulas that can help you relax before an exam. And is that by practicing any sport or physical activity, your body will release endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and other hormones responsible for regulating your mood and bring you well-being.

In this way, during the days leading up to the exams, you should practice the exercise that you like best or better and you will reduce anxiety and feel much calmer.