How to care for a dachshund or sausage

The dachshund, better known as a dachshund, is one of the most popular and particular breeds we can find. Its elongated body like that of a sausage makes its appearance unmistakable, becoming one of the breeds easier to recognize by all. Perfect for lovers of small dogs, this pet loves family life however it is important to provide the necessary care to ensure their welfare and health. If you have one of these copies at home pay attention, because in .com we explain how to take care of a dachshund or sausage step by step.

Steps to follow:


The dachshund is a very familiar dog that loves affection and spend quality time with its owners, however there is something you should keep in mind about its character: it is an animal that can be stubborn and obstinate, therefore it is It is very important to start training it from the first weeks to avoid it becoming a dominant and difficult to control mascot.

Teach him to socialize with dogs and people from puppy and make him comply with your orders with discipline, only then will you soften his character and make him more obedient.


Due to the body shape of the dachshund, elongated and short-legged, there is a very important aspect that should be taken care of these animals to avoid problems and injuries in the back : their weight. Like any other dog the dachshund is a great glutton, but over feeding or giving too many treats could lead to obesity, which dramatically increases the risk of your dog having problems with intervertebral discs.

In our article how much should eat my dog ​​we explain in detail the quantities of food according to their size, in the same way in the publication how much should weigh a sausage we orient you about the average weight of this breed. It agrees to be very strict with the feeding to avoid that your pet suffers in the future, in the same way it is recommended to offer him food of suitable quality to the stage in which it is.


In order to ensure the health of your back and avoid injuries and discomfort, it is also important that you avoid your sausage up and down stairs frequently, if at home there are steps the best thing is to help him up and down loading. In the same way it is very important that you train your dachshund not to climb on the furniture, since the gesture of jumping up and down can have serious consequences on the health of your back. Be very emphatic in this aspect since the animal is a puppy to prevent your dog from getting hurt in the future.


In the same line of maintaining your well-being, reducing the possibility of obesity and the propensity to develop back problems, exercise is fundamental in the life of this animal. It is not just about giving short walks to do your needs, the dachshund must run and play daily in order to avoid overweight.

Throwing the ball to the animal, running a little with it and having it move at a moderate to high intensity for at least 30 minutes a day will be very beneficial for your dog. It is important to have this time to dedicate it to your pet and thus guarantee their well-being.


Another aspect to take into account when caring for a dachshund or sausage is to choose a suitable leash to walk this pet. Opt for a material that is very light, so the dog will not have to carry more weight than necessary, which could also affect your delicate back. The best thing is to advise you with a professional of an animal store to choose the best alternative.


One of the aspects that most concern the owners when it comes to taking care of a dachshund is their hygiene . Regarding the frequency with which you should bathe your dog depends on the length of your hair, if it is short you can bathe every 6 to 8 weeks, if it is long between 4 and 6 weeks depending on whether it gets dirty easily .

In the case of long hair frequent brushing will help control hair loss and odors, while it is also recommended to brush the teeth of the animal to prevent the accumulation of tartar. Cutting your nails frequently is also convenient, a job that you can do yourself or leave in the hands of a professional. All these tasks must be done from the first weeks of life to accustom the animal to them without problems.


Following the vaccination schedule suggested by the veterinarian and taking your pet to your annual medical consultations is equally important to ensure your well-being. Remember also that your dog not only needs training and discipline but also requires love and attention to grow up healthy and happy.