How to care for a blind cat

Does your cat suffer from blindness ? Although it is not common for a cat to go blind, it can happen that due to an injury, illness or over the years your cat goes blind. It is a serious dysfunction for this animal because the sense of sight is the one that has developed best, so if your cat is blind you should take extreme care to ensure a satisfactory and comfortable life. In this article we tell you how to take care of a blind cat by giving you some advice you can apply in the care of your pet and your relationship with him.

Steps to follow:


The senses that have more developed cats are sight and smell, in fact, both have a perception greater than that of a human person, so when one fails, the other compensates for the emptiness getting, thus, that the animal adapt more quickly to your new reality. Therefore, if your cat is blind, he will not suffer his deficiency in such a traumatic way as it would be for us since the sense of smell would be sharpened and compensate for the lack of vision.

There are different factors that can make a cat lose sight, for example, cataracts or diseases in the eyes can make eyesight deteriorate, there may also be some genetic causes that can lead to a cat going blind. Trauma, accidents or over the years can also lead to the appearance of blindness in cats. In this article we tell you how to know if your cat is blind.


To take care of a blind cat, the first thing to keep in mind is that order is paramount. Preventing your pet from tripping over objects that are scattered around the house is vital to get them oriented and not hurt. So any toy, shoe or object that is messy in your room should be placed immediately to ensure that the animal can walk quietly through the house without any danger lurking.


You should also bear in mind that in order not to disorient your cat, it is better not to make changes in the distribution of your home : try that the furniture is always in the same place so that it can recognize the space and avoid, thus, any kind of danger. If you are going to change your home, try to make the distribution similar to your home of origin and accompany the first days to your cat in each room to recognize the new space with you; In this way you will be more secure and confident.


As we have already mentioned, when a cat goes blind the other senses become more acute; therefore, it is important that you avoid screaming, loud music or loud noises. In this sense, it is advisable that if some day you drop something on the ground that produces a lot of noise, look for your cat immediately and relax with caresses, hugs and attention; You will be very scared by that unforeseen sound and your company is what you need most.


Another advice to take care of a blind cat is that you do not take it or stroke it suddenly; you must take into account the new situation of your animal so you must indicate that you are there with him so that he is ready for your caresses. Therefore, before taking it, it is advisable that you address him gently, say his name and approach him little by little while you speak to him so that he understands that you are approaching him. It is also advisable that every time you enter at home or in a room where your animal is, you talk to him so that he recognizes your voice and does not panic.


To avoid falling or hurting yourself, it is recommended that you have the windows and doors closed, so that you will be safe at home and that in case of disorientation you do not have the risk of falling. It is also recommended that in order to have the windows open without any danger to your pet put barriers in the windows that will prevent their fall; If you have a pool, it is also vital that you prevent your cat from going as it could drown.


You must bear in mind that a blind cat will adapt easily to his new situation so do not change your routine with him because he will detect that something between you is not going well and could be depressed. So keep playing with your cat normally, as you usually did, although now you will have to change your toys and replace them with others that make some kind of sound ; in this way the animal will be able to detect where the toy is and play with it as it always did.


When a cat goes blind it is important that you train him to come to your call ; for that, you can train your animal and get it to recognize its name and come to you every time you call. To get him to learn this, you will only have to do a training that will consist in saying his name in a constant way so that he associates that you address him; then, when you have been calling for it for several days by name you can get it to come to you making noise with your food package, so you will associate that every time you call it you will eat or you will have some prize. In this article we give you more tips so you can learn how to train a cat.


It is also important that in your collar you specify the blindness of your cat, in this way, in case you lose or escape from home, anyone who finds it will know that you are blind and that you need to take it with you; So in addition to specifying your deficiency put your contact information so that the person who finds it can take it back with you.