How to care for a British cat

The short-haired British cat is not any feline, from its chubby appearance that resembles it more with a stuffed animal than with a real one, even its playful and docile character, it is an exceptional pet, that's why in .com we want to give you the keys so you know how to care for a British cat and give him all the love he needs. Photo

Steps to follow:


This animal is usually more playful and cheerful than other breeds of cats, this is because it matures after two years, and maintains its youthful character for longer


During its first months the British Shorthair cat may seem smaller than other felines, and it can grow up to four years, so the process is a little slower than in other breeds, nothing to worry about


His short hair is a great advantage for the masters, as it is very difficult to get tangled, which minimizes the care regarding brushing


This animal, being less active than other cats will also be little destroyer, but what does not have a destroyer has a sweet tooth, so you have to pay close attention to your diet, otherwise you could suffer from obesity, which would harm your Health


Because it comes from a mixture of stray and Persian cat, it can suffer some diseases typical of this last breed, such as polycystic kidneys and heart problems, hence controlling the food is so important


With proper care and visits to the veterinarian twice a year, the British shorthair cat could live between 14 and 20 years, which makes it a long-lived race


This animal enjoys the pampering and affection, and this is part of the care that also requires, so do not forget to give the attention that can demand and meet their games during their first years of life, the most active

  • The British shorthair cat is a great companion for adults and children, so do not hesitate to make it your pet