How to care for a newborn rabbit

Sometimes, when you have a rabbit and you do not sterilize, you may get the chance to get together with a male to breed. Or simply because of different circumstances you have or want to take charge of a newborn rabbit or several. But what are the care you need? Because it is obvious that an adult rabbit needs another kind of attention. That's why from .com we want to guide you on how to care for a newborn rabbit.

Steps to follow:


If you also have to charge the mother rabbit, do not forget to attend it properly. That is why you should feed him properly and take good care of him so that he can have enough milk and good quality for his young.


It adapts its cage as if it were a nest so that the young can survive. Make them a bed so that the calves can be calm without being disturbed. You can make it with a simple cardboard box and strips of paper or newspaper inside. In this way the mother can make the nest.

You must also make sure that the box is always clean. If the mother is not there and you are the one who must take charge, build the box as if it were the nest and watch that it does not give you any draft and that it is in a room with the right temperature.


Put a nice heat source near the cage where the newborn rabbits are so they do not get cold.


If any rabbit breeding does not feed well on the mother or simply is not the mother, you must feed it with a bottle suitable for these occasions that you can find at any pet store. You should give milk to lactating cats every two hours for a week.

During the following weeks you should extend the time between taking and taking until 8 weeks, which will be when they are ready to leave the milk and can be fed with solids little by little.


Newborn rabbits do not know how to relieve themselves and it is very important that you teach them by stimulating them. To get it, take a piece of cotton and wet it with warm water. Then pass through the genital area 15 to 30 seconds before eating and if you see that you get nothing, try again after you have eaten.


If you have any questions about how to care for your newborn rabbit, do not hesitate to go to the vet to ask for advice.