How to care for a chow chow

Do you share your life with a hairy and adorable chow chow? Well, get ready to enjoy a wonderful life by your side, giving the best care to your pet. The chow chow is an elegant, sophisticated and very peculiar dog that requires certain special attentions, especially for its spectacular soft and soft mantle. In .com we tell you how to take care of a chow chow.

Steps to follow:


The chow chow is a very polite and docile dog and it is recommended that it be socialized from a very early age so that it has good relations with other animals and members of the household. Since he is a puppy you must show a firm attitude to give him a good training, so that your authority is firm.

They tend to have very dominant tendencies, so you will have to be firm and constant in their education. It is essential to educate your dog with patience, firmness and understanding if you do not position yourself as an alpha male. Your chow chow will become a territorial dog, stubborn and disobedient. He will fight to remain as the leader of the pack, if this is the case he will be very suspicious and aggressive with other dogs.


Chow Chow often have certain health problems associated with their breed . Due to the abnormality of his eyelids, he is prone to suffer an eye irritation known as entropion that can be treated with surgery. This can also suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, cataracts, distiquiasis, gastric torsion, elongated palate, patellar dislocation, skin irritations and ear infections. They are some of the pathologies that chow chow can suffer and you must take it into account to give you the best care.


To take care of your chow chow if you live in an apartment you will have to take it out for a walk about 3 times a day to exercise and if you have a garden, you have access to that area so that it moves at your leisure. This dog is very sensitive to high temperatures, in summer if you live in an area where it is very hot, your pet will suffer enough. So at that time of the year you will have to ensure that you are in a cool environment, away from the sun, with plenty of fresh water and you may need a haircut to better withstand the temperatures.


Regarding food, to get the best results, you must feed your chow chow with an adequate supply of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. The diet must be balanced and each nutrient must be present in their diet without deficiencies or excesses. A good diet is essential for your health and to keep your coat in perfect condition.

Watch your dog is not fat, look at the fat deposits of fat on the cross to see if it has gained more than necessary. It controls its weight and, if it has increased, eliminates the pecking and reduces the food rations. Your diet should be hypocaloric but with the optimal values ​​of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Your feed should contain a lot of fiber and you can give it wet food.


Although the chow chow is not a very active dog, and even very lazy, you will have to take him out for a walk and motivate him to exercise and stay in shape. Do not neglect this routine even if you see that your furry friend does not have much desire for activity and looks for ways to play with him. It is recommended that the area be safe and that walking without a harness can cause defects in the shoulders.


One of the most important care is the coat . The chow chow breed can suffer very painful skin rugs because, having such a thick coat, it is very vulnerable to hair problems. You will have to always keep your hair carefully with a regular brushing and when it is in the molt season, pay special attention to the inner layer that comes off.

You will have to brush your hair with a soft brush to remove the peeling skin and avoid future and deep entanglements. If you have knots, try to undo them with your hand before starting to pull them with the brush because it will be very annoying. Start at the beginning of the knot and slowly lower to the skin, in the whole process you should know how to calm your pet and stop a moment if you notice it very nervous. To easily undo the knots you can apply corn starch powder to lubricate the skin where there are more tangles if it is impossible, you will have to cut the knots with great caution.

After removing all the knots, you should take a bath to remove all the dead skin and hair; for this use a conditioner shampoo to keep the skin soft and then rinse well so that no residue remains. A bad clarification is the enemy of the problem of the capillary carpet.

In we give you some tips so you know how to brush your dog's hair.