How to care for a chihuahua

The Chihuahua, despite being the smallest dog breed in the world, has become one of the most popular, its size allows it to adapt to any space while its protective and affectionate character with its owners gets them more and more adepts. But do not be fooled by its height or its sweetness, these dogs are strong defenders of their territory can become very jealous and distrustful strangers if we do not learn to socialize from small. Like any other race, it requires different care that is important to take into account to guarantee your well-being, that's why in .com we explain how to take care of a Chihuahua and give him everything he needs to grow up healthy and happy.

Steps to follow:


When caring for a Chihuahua it is important to be aware of its basic characteristics. Despite its small size it is not an animal that requires a very special care or different from that of other dogs, however it is very important to pay attention to its training to avoid that some characteristics of its character are imposed.

Although they are small dogs, the Chihuahuas are very territorial and jealous with their owners, they are not friends with strangers and they are not adept at sharing with other pets unless we teach them from an early age. They become so territorial that they can even get upset when we occupy the place they like on the couch or when we touch an object that belongs to them. Choosing this behavior from a young age will be key to improving coexistence.

Therefore, and to avoid future headaches, it is very important that you teach your animal to share with those who visit your home and also with other dogs or pets from the moment they arrive at home. In our article how to socialize a puppy with adult dogs and people we give you some keys to get it.


Another quality of the Chihuahua that stands out above other breeds is its alertness . It is a dog that, although it is very small, is an excellent guardian, indicating with its sharp barking when something is not right. This is a great feature, however it is important to reduce the nervousness and territoriality of this dog so that warning barks do not become constant barking every time a neighbor passes, something sounds out etc.

Even if you do not believe it with the proper training it is possible to prevent your chihuahua from barking around.


For many this race is perfect for living in an apartment, however this does not mean that we should not take them out. When it comes to taking care of a chihuahua, daily walks are essential to reduce anxiety and nervousness, especially when the dog spends much of the day alone at home. If you want your dog to be healthy it is recommended to take it out on walks of at least 20 minutes 2 times a day, in the morning and at night, time in which the dog should walk, play and have fun to burn energy and reduce their nervousness.


Another important aspect at the time of having them as a pet is the fact of taking care of their extremities, which due to their small size are very fragile. Chihuahuas have a tendency to get on furniture and sometimes do not know how to get off them properly, being able to injure their legs. Ideally, we should not allow them to do so and sit with them on the floor or on a low piece of furniture when we want to caress or play.


The amount of food they eat is proportional to their size, however these dogs require a very high quality food to keep their fragile bones and muscles in perfect condition, it is convenient that it is dry to prevent diarrhea and stomach discomfort. Avoid giving your food or the dog will always ask, in the same way it is important not to overuse giving many dog ​​biscuits or compensations, because these animals should not gain too much or increase the risk that their legs are injured with any fall. In our article, how much should my Chihuahua eat? We explain the amount and type of food you should eat from the first days until you are an adult.

Regarding the care of your coat, brushing frequently will help reduce the need to bathe too, however it is advisable to clean it every 4 to 6 weeks if it is long hair or every 6 or 8 weeks if it is short hair.


One aspect that we should never leave aside when caring for a Chihuahua and living with him is love. This animal is very attached to their dreams and needs us to give them attention, love, caresses and a lot of love . Enjoy our company therefore it is not a dog that we should have isolated but rather integrated into the family.


Due to its small size and short fur, it is a breed that does not tolerate cold very well, so when temperatures drop below 4 ° C it is convenient to shelter it. If the temperature is not so low but you see that your dog trembles, then maybe I need a coat, so it is better to put some clothes at least when we take it out for a walk.


Like any dog, they also need veterinary attention . They should receive all the basic vaccines and go to the veterinarian once a year for a general check-up. They are also dogs with a tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia, dislocation of the patella and other bone degenerations product of their fragility, so it is important to monitor their joint health.

In the same way, it is important to guarantee medical checks to monitor the appearance of some health problems of this race, such as hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar and vision problems.