How to care for a puppy

A new pet is always a source of joy at home, but the first days with a puppy can be difficult and require a lot of patience and attention from the owners, who will then be rewarded with hours of games and fun. In .com we give you some key tips so you can discover how to care for a puppy and meet its main needs.

Steps to follow:


Take into account that the puppy has been separated from his mother and siblings, so at the beginning it is normal that he is living an adaptation process in which he does not understand very well what happens. At this stage it is very important that the puppy feels loved, welcomed and cared for


Puppies have an important tendency to cry during the first days they spend at home, especially at night. It is very important to have patience, to spoil them, to offer them affection and companionship so that they feel that they are welcome in their new home. Momentarily allows your bed to be in a warm place and close to the rest of the family


Your bed should also be comfortable, do not buy a puppy without all the accessories you need, including a good space to sleep. If it is winter or if your house is cold, make sure that the animal is not exposed to low temperatures, put blankets on its bed and try to keep it in a warm place in the house.


During the first days you can apply a good trick to soothe it, wet a sponge with warm water, squeeze it and pass it on the back of the animal, it will serve to simulate being the mother tongue, which will calm it down. Others choose to place bottles of warm water in their bed to make them feel accompanied, another idea that may result, but only apply it for a few days until the puppy gets used to his new home


One of the first things that owners wonder about taking care of a puppy is the way they should eat. In the article how to feed a puppy we give you all the keys about this topic


From the first days the animal must begin to be trained so that it knows where it will do its necessities. The smaller the training begins the quicker they will learn everything, you can teach them, for example, not to bite your things and know the basic techniques to scold them in case they commit any "infraction"


The hours of play are fundamental for puppies, even from the first weeks at home. Because they are young they are very active and need to be entertained if you do not want them to start committing "acts of vandalism" like biting furniture and objects. If you still can not take him out for a walk then play at home, run around, give him objects to bite and have fun with your pet


At this stage it is also important to set limits and understand that what you allow you to do can become a habit for the puppy. For example if you mount it on the sofa when you grow it will be normal, the same happens with your bed and other furniture. Take into account that the process of educating a puppy requires patience but above all, a lot of perseverance


Do not forget to take your puppy to the vet and keep up to date his vaccines and consultations so that he grows healthy and strong. In the same way remember that dogs are animals that require a lot of attention, exercise and love to live healthy and happy