How to make an inverted staff

The pentagram is a five-pointed star . It is an ancient symbol of Wiccan witchcraft and culture, just as the cross is a symbol of Christianity and the Star of David is a symbol of Judaism. When used as a symbol of witchcraft, it is often enclosed in a circle. In antiquity it was also used as a symbol of Christianity (the five points that symbolize the five wounds of Jesus) but it has become associated with the devil in modern times. Protestants when they talk about building five sides of the Pentagon.

You will need to:
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Paper
Steps to follow:


Use your compass to draw a circle. This circle contains the five-pointed star, so this will be the size of the staff. If you are drawing on a flat, hard surface, make sure the surface is safe. If you draw the inverted staff on a piece of cloth, make sure that the fabric is securely tacked.


Mark five equidistant points (in pencil) along the circumference of the circle. Each of these points will be 72 degrees. If you want a point of the star that points up, start by putting a mark on the top of the circle. If you want a point of the star pointing down, start by putting a mark on the bottom of the circle. Use a protractor and from the center of the circle measure 72 degrees from each mark and place another one in the circle at this point. When finished, there should be five equidistant marks.


Draw two lines from each mark. Choose a brand and two consecutive brands to the left. Draw a line of this mark to the exit mark.


Now do the same to the right - go to the second mark, and draw a line to the exit mark. do this for each brand.


When finished, there will be two lines from each mark - one goes to the mark on the left and another goes to the second mark on the right. Now that the star has been drawn, you can erase the five marks in the circle.

  • When you start drawing the straight lines, you will notice that as you move some of the points you already have lines when you reach them - in fact, when you reach the last point there will already be two lines. This is good. It is not necessary to draw more than two lines for each point.
  • Decide before you start if you want to keep the circle surrounding. If you do not want to keep it, mark the circle with something that can be deleted.