How to care for a seahorse

Because of its exotic appearance, it is fashionable to have fish tanks with seahorses in the houses. In any case, it is advisable to know that these animals do not live well in captivity, so we must give them the best conditions to make them feel as good as possible. If you want to know how to care for a seahorse, from .com we explain it to you.

Steps to follow:


To start, get yourself a fish tank just for your seahorse . Do not mix it with any other type of fish and, if possible, even with others of the same species. As much, that they are 2 or only one, the last, much better.


They eat live foods, it should be noted that seahorses eat other fish. But they eat very slowly. So it is better to go putting them piece by piece and until they finish eating it, not introducing others. In specialized sites, you can find frozen food for these fish.


Seahorses are saltwater, so avoid all kinds of material in the water, because they release substances that would harm them. Look for natural plants, silk ornaments and everything you consider to be in their benefit and welfare.


Seahorses change color according to the environment, that is, to adapt to the environment, take a color similar to this. It's okay to play and change objects, but be careful to abuse this a lot. It would mean a reduction in their life time, in addition to stress.


Keep everything indicated above because this species is very sensitive and suffers a lot of stress for nothing. We remind you that living in captivity does not feel good, so take care if you put them in a fish tank.