How to care for a bulldog

Each breed of dogs offers particular conditions, some are active and willing to play games, others are protective and watchful, and others, such as the English or French Bulldog, are the perfect companion dogs for those who like to live a calm life and quiet, but this great pet requires very special attention, so in .com we talk a little about them so you know how to care for a bulldog without leaving aside any of their needs

Steps to follow:


Its flattened face not only gives it a particular appearance, but also gives the Bulldog a special condition: breathing difficulties, nasal noises and night snoring, so this dog can not undergo intense physical activity


Due to this condition, only 20 minutes of exercise per day are enough, which makes it an ideal pet for those who are more sedentary . Despite being a faithful and affectionate dog is not considered suitable for children because it is not too active an animal


This breed is also prone to stomach problems so it is very important to follow the instructions of the veterinarian regarding their food, also the food portions should be small because due to their low physical activity, tends to obesity if you eat too much, that could cause health problems


The bath can be monthly, but your fur should be brushed at least twice a week and the folds of your skin should be cleaned if possible on a daily basis to avoid allergies and problems. His eyes get dirty frequently, but enough gauze and saline to eliminate the problem


Like any other two annual visits to the veterinarian will suffice to check your general condition and determine if you are in good health


His physical and particular condition make the Bulldog a dog that requires many attentions, so you must have time to take care of it, however it is a very loving dog that will know how to thank you for your dedication with love and unconditional company


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  • If you are not a fan of physical activity or do not have time to walk your pet, the Bulldog is an ideal breed for you
  • Remember that this pet requires special care to stay healthy and strong