How to care for a Weimar braco

Weimaraner is one of the most beautiful and slender breeds we can find. It is a sociable, affectionate and active pet that will always be willing to have fun, to do physical activity and take care of its owner. Due to their past as hunters these animals are very prone to training and obedience, so it is a perfect animal to live with family without problems. However, and like any other pet, we must not ignore the care of Weimar's braco, so in .com we explain in detail everything you need to grow healthy and happy.

Steps to follow:


The Weimar Warrior is an exceptional breed, especially to have at home and share at the family level. It is a very docile and obedient dog that knows how to perfectly respect the orders of its owner, so these animals are perfect for training without complications. It is important to start your education starting from the sixth week by instilling simple orders that, as the training progresses, will become more complicated. In our article when to begin to educate a dog we explain the basic process that should be followed regardless of the breed of the animal.


Due to its past as a hunter, this breed of dogs greatly enjoys persecution games or searching for objects, so we must offer you the possibility to carry out these activities frequently. Another important aspect when caring for a Weimar braco is to be clear that the nature of this animal requires daily physical activity.

It is not a dog that we can have at home without going out and walking, because this animal requires at least 1 hour a day of walks, games and outdoor activities.


A very positive characteristic of these animals is their sociable behavior . This breed usually gets along very well with children and also with other pets, so there will be no problems in adapting to family life.

When having a short coat does not need daily brushing or frequent combing, and it will only be necessary to bathe every 6 or 8 weeks if it is not too dirty.


One of the aspects that most concern dog owners is their diet, however the Weimar breed has the same nutritional needs as any other dog, so it is advisable to give a quality feed, fresh water in abundance and avoid giving food prepared by us, chocolate and sweets. Being clear about what toxic foods are for dogs will help you maintain your health.

Regarding the amount of portions we should give, this will depend on the age of the dog, so in our article how much should eat my dog ​​we explain it in detail.


Although taking care of a Weimar braco is not a difficult task at all, we must pay attention to the hygiene of your ears, clean them periodically and take care of them, since these dogs are prone to canine otitis. Additionally, and like any other breed, our Weimar breccia will need to receive all the basic vaccines and attend an annual consultation with the veterinarian to guarantee an optimal state of health.


If you take care of your Weimar braco and offer affection, daily exercise, a good diet and basic veterinary attention, you will surely have a healthy, happy and always ready to enjoy and share with you pet.