How to care for a Maltese baby

Charming, perfect size, family, beautiful and very smart. This is the Maltese bichon, one of the oldest breeds in the West with a physical style that enchants but also requires certain daily care to maintain it. A puppy that says yes to family life for its behavior, intelligence and beauty.

If you are a lucky owner of a Maltese bichon, today we tell you how to take care of this fabulous companion, the daily accessories for maintenance and everything you need to know about how to care for a Maltese bichon.


The bichon is a dog that requires special care in its fur, one of its greatest attractions. You must comb it daily to avoid impossible knots that can become a real nuisance for your partner and, undoubtedly, for you too because they are usually hooked on the dirty and stay stuck, then it becomes more complicated to remove it.

With a good comb and a daily brushing you will help to keep your dog's coat clean and free of knots, but you must bear in mind that you will also invest in dog grooming and bathing .

  • Visits to the hairdressing salon are necessary to help keep the coat and provide more coolness in summer or heat in the winter. There is a great variety of hairstyles for the Maltese bichon and you can select the one that suits you best for practicality, budget or for simple taste.
  • Bathrooms are important to keep puppies clean. It is important to use only special products for the animal and not use a regular human shampoo, as it could ruin your coat, bring allergies, irritations and discomfort since they have a ph is different from ours. There are shampoos specialized in maintaining the whiteness of your skin, since it tends to turn reddish colors. They should be applied with special care so that they do not touch your eyes or nose when applying or rinsing with water. It is advisable to apply a special conditioner to avoid knots in its long fur, as well as to hurt the animal when combing.


The maltese bigeon in a sociable dog, likes to be with its owner and relatives, as well as with other dogs of other breeds. With dedicating about 2 daily departures on weekdays, of about 30 minutes, it will be enough, but it is important to keep in mind that due to their physical shape they are not very resistant to long walks and considerable efforts, so they will be left behind, will lie down on the floor and your breathing will be characteristic when you are exhausted.

Early in the morning it is important to take a walk to relieve yourself, especially if you have drunk water during the night. If you are lucky to be able to do a walk at noon, do not hesitate to do so, your pet will thank you.

Stains in the lacrimal

It is very unlikely to find this race with a white face, since the most common is to observe the redness that comes from his eyes towards the snout . This stain occurs due to a fungus that forms in the area due to the humidity that is usually there, but it can be cured with suitable products that have antibiotics such as tylosin, harmless to the dog and will help treat the infection .

The product is used in the form of powder mixed with other foods and in a treatment that lasts about 6 months. The price of the kilo of product is greater than € 90, but after the treatment the stains are removed and the fungus disappears.


Visit your veterinarian to find out more important questions about the health of your Maltese baby, such as sterilization or castration, vaccines, recommended diets, cleaning teeth and tricks to educate correctly.