How to care for a rat

Do you have a rat as a pet ? Keep reading, because we are going to explain the care you should give this pet so that it is healthy and happy. Although it is usually believed that they are low maintenance animals, it is convenient that you report well to pursue their welfare and give all the attention you require. Atento because in .com we explain how to take care of a rat.

Steps to follow:


One of the most important care for your rat to have good health is to monitor your diet, you have the false idea that you can eat anything, but it is not. They are omnivorous animals, but it does not mean that it is good for them to eat everything.

Rats usually feed in small quantities but very often, so it is necessary to have food at your fingertips throughout the day . You must leave food available, but not in large quantities. There are special and balanced feedstuffs in pet stores or veterinarians to feed rats that are made up of vegetables, fiber and cereals.


If you could not get that feed, you can make it from hamster feed. Choose one that has a lot of seeds, cereals and little fat (better that contains a low amount of nuts). You will also have to provide a small serving of vegetables and fresh fruit, as well as a small amount of protein. You have to be careful with excess fat in your food because obesity is a very common problem in rats.


Rats are very social beings and need to live with their conspecifics, so it is advisable to keep them in groups of the same sex so that they do not reproduce uncontrollably. This is very important, do not allow them to raise indiscriminately, because then you will not find any home for them, you have to be responsible and prevent them from reproducing. The groups of rats can live their whole life without suffering confrontations, they tend to develop very social behaviors such as grooming or even taking care of the litters in groups.


Another aspect to consider to care for a rat is your accommodation. As they are small rodents they will need little space to live, but you will have to provide them with a good cage with distractions to satisfy their energy and their needs to play, climb and jump. D

You must put in your cage elements such as tunnels, stairs, hammocks, ropes and multiple levels to exercise. As they are rodent animals with strong jaws, it is very possible that they destroy any element of wood or plastic, so to wear their teeth you must leave mineral rocks at your disposal. In addition to its trough and drinking fountain, it is convenient to put a nest so that they can take refuge during the day.


Rats are very clean animals, they spend much of the day pricking themselves and each other, so it is not necessary to bathe them as a rule. Although if you get used to a bath since they are small, it will not be a problem. For this task you should use a small container, warm water and a mild soap.

Another important part of hygiene is that you keep your cage free of waste, if your cabin is clean your rat will also be clean. It is recommended that the complete cage be cleaned once a week including the change of the bed and cleaning of all its components. Every day the remains of food and stools that are in the bed, in the corners and in the bars must be eliminated. The bed that you put in your house must be very absorbent so that it lasts as clean as possible.


If you have rats, and if they are also females you should know that they are jealous for 24 hours every 5 days, at which time they will be very receptive to riding. After the act that lasts seconds, the gestation begins and lasts between 20 and 24 days. You will notice that the female increased considerably in size, in the event that the rat was not in optimal health conditions to face the pregnancy, the implantation of the ovules can be delayed and have a longer gestation. The deliveries are very fast and usually have between 8 and 10 offspring.


Finally, you must take into account the risk of cancer . It is a very common problem among rats and is a reality that can shorten your life. Not all rats develop tumors but you should be aware of this fact if you are going to have this type of pet, because you may have to face an operation at a very young age to remove tumors or even have to make the decision to sacrifice your pet.

Think seriously before having a rat as a pet, it is your responsibility to give the best care.