How to teach a child the parts of the body

Teaching a child's body parts is not difficult, there are many ways to do it, but singing and playing is much more entertaining for the little ones. As children grow they will begin to differentiate all parts of their bodies easily, this knowledge will allow them to be autonomous and have more confidence in themselves. If you want to know how to teach a child the body parts, here are some tips to do it.

You will need to:
  • CD with songs for children
  • Cardboards of colors.
  • Stickers of colors.
Steps to follow:


There are songs that explain body parts very well, there are different ages, and they can come in handy to learn how to teach them.


You can also play to recognize the parts of the body in the body of the other, make the whole family together and so you will have a fun time.


You can also cut out a silhouette of the human body on paper and recognize its parts, or even cut out each part of the body and make a kind of puzzle with them. This way the child will be able to recognize them and place them correctly.


Another option is to include a mirror in the game, in it the child must be reflected while you list those parts of the body that you want to point out, the mirror will help you recognize and retain that information in your memory.


A fun way to learn about our body and colors, for example, is to use colored stickers to differentiate them, that is, the red sticker is for arms, the blue one for the legs and so on, we will get you to learn by playing which is how best they pass it on.