How to teach a child to brush their teeth

Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential for anyone and that is why it is very important that the smallest of the house also acquire this habit. By two years, the child will have most of his milk teeth and will be the ideal time to teach him to brush his teeth on his own. Follow the advice that we offer in this article to make, little by little, your child learn to brush their teeth .

Steps to follow:


It is important that the child see this activity with interest, so it is advisable to buy a toothbrush with a child head that attracts your attention. Remember that the bristles should be soft so as not to damage your gums and buy a special infant toothpaste for him.


Try to show her that brushing her teeth is a game practiced in front of the mirror, sticking out her tongue, opening her mouth wide and moving the brush inside her. Children love to do things for adults, so you can also present it as an adult task. This way your interest in brushing your teeth will grow .


It is essential to teach the child to always follow the same order so that no face of the tooth is left unbrushed, as well as showing that it is a task that takes a few minutes. You can use an hourglass or a stopwatch to mark the times of your brushing.


It is also convenient that, especially during the first few times, brush your teeth in front of an adult so you can make sure that the washing has been correct. This way you can also make sure you do not swallow toothpaste or use more than you need.


The professionals recommend taking the children to the dentist once the first teeth appear to avoid diseases or irregularities in the growth of the same. They also advise to make periodic visits to the dentist every 6 months.