How to care for your dog

Who has not been tempted on numerous occasions by the tender eyes of a puppy? We all know that the dog is known to be " man's best friend ", but will we know how to respond appropriately? Before taking the final step and making the decision to increase our family with a dog (much better if adopted) we must be aware that it is not a stuffed animal. A puppy is a living being that will depend on us for almost everything and in our hand is to have a long and happy life. Therefore, we recommend that you take note of some tips that can help you with the care of your pet.


The most normal thing nowadays is to live in a flat or house, so our dog will stay inside the home. Even so, you must prepare a "nest" or special place so you can rest or enjoy some moment of privacy or loneliness. If the dog is large, a fluffy quilt so that it can stretch well or a thin mat will suffice. Small or medium-sized dogs usually prefer "baskets" made of foam, which you can get at any pet store. Remember that in winter your puppy will probably be grateful for an extra blanket that will bring more heat, and you will even love it if you put your bed near a radiator. It is important to keep them away from drafts. If, on the other hand, your dog lives most of the time in the garden or yard, it is vital for his well-being that he has shelter from extreme weather situations and, if possible, he should stay overnight. inside the house or in a well conditioned cabin in winter.


The food that you contribute to your pet will greatly determine your health and state of mind. Be very careful with cheap feed! Many of them contain too much fat and can damage your partner's liver. Think how you would feel if you ate pizzas or hamburgers every day. Consult your veterinarian which brands are most suitable for the size and physical activity your dog does. You should also bear in mind that, if you are still a puppy, you must feed with a special feed, and that you must adapt the quantities as you become an adult. when it has stopped growing, surely you should reduce the contribution in the amount of food, we do not want to suffer from obesity, something increasingly common in sedentary dogs that do not leave everything they need. Do not forget that you should always have fresh water at your disposal, especially if it feeds on feed and during the summer. And a last tip: alert with providing trinkets for which your dog will beg and whine like sweets or sausages. They are highly damaging to him, since his body does not metabolize them well. It is also not good to give bones, which can splinter and harm your mouth or throat.


Before choosing your type of dog, you should think about what your routines are and if you will have all the time required to take it out for a walk. At least, the animal should go out three times a day to relieve themselves and one of these times the walk should be longer, so that your new partner can exercise, know their environment, interact with other dogs and live great dog experiences through If you are not excessively athletic, a ball or toy to throw at the park will make your playmate spend energy while you can remain calm.

Cleaning and hygiene

It is essential that all canine food bowls are washed very frequently, as well as that we keep their bedding clean and free of sand, accumulated hairs or food debris. Long -haired dogs should be brushed every day, if they are Short hair will be enough a couple of times a week. It is basic to keep your skin healthy and prevent uncomfortable knots from forming. In addition, it is a good time to check if they have any abnormality such as a wound, lump or skin disorder.


By law, all dogs must be vaccinated against rabies once a year. Normally, municipalities usually organize annual vaccination campaigns, so ask in your town hall when it is organized because it is usually much cheaper than a vaccine in a traditional veterinary clinic. On the other hand, you should also periodically deworm your animal, usually with some pills whose cost is not very high and you can mix it with your food so that it is easier to eat them. The sexual health of your animal is also essential for it to be happy. To avoid unwanted changes and the frustration of not being able to mate, it is best to sterilize your puppy around seven or eight months of life. Some veterinarians recommend waiting for bitches to have their first heat, to make sure they have developed correctly. Sterilization is a very simple procedure that will avoid posteirores health problems in your animal and that brings other advantages. For bitches, you will avoid being harassed by neighborhood dogs during the rutting season. If your friend is male, sterilization will prevent him from trying to escape from home and that he will be sad or nervous when he smells the females in heat.