10 things that dogs hate about humans

Dogs are usually the pets of human company par excellence, being faithful, lovable, and above all, protectors of the home and family members. Many times we adopt a dog to become a member of the house but we may come to acquire behaviors that can make them feel uncomfortable, fearful or sad. Despite the above, dogs remain faithful to humans, loving us and being loyal, without showing signs at times when something bothers them.

If you are interested in knowing what are 10 things that dogs hate humans, we invite you to continue reading the following .com article and you can avoid them so that our furry friends have a much happier life.

The hugs

It should be noted that this point is not something that bothers all dogs. A dog characterized by being affectionate will appreciate receiving love at any time but in certain breeds of dogs this show of affection can be interpreted as a sign of domination which causes them discomfort.

Many dogs tolerate the hugs of their loved ones or those who have confidence, but that does not mean that this is something that they like. It is important to observe the behavior of our pet when receiving a hug, attending to attitudes such as: a rigid posture, retracted ears and an expression that denotes tension.

It is important to teach children not to hug a dog they do not know because although a hug is wonderful for us, a dog may not respond well. Teach your child to respect the personal space of the dog and so you can prevent any accident.

In this article we discover which dogs are the most affectionate.

Using too many words and little body language

As with us, we sometimes detest when people are not clear on what they want us to do; because in dogs this is an even greater reason for discomfort. It is clear that we do not have the same language but, even so, dogs can come to understand specific words .

For example, you can not reason with them with expressions like: "if you behave yourself I'll reward you", they will only understand isolated words, that is to say "reward" and "good", so they will understand that they have already behaved well and they get confused when they do not receive their prize at that moment.

You must use a simpler language to avoid your dog bothering with your indication, accompanied by good body language. Using words that he knows as "good", "walking", "reward", using an attitude that accompanies this order will make your message more understandable to him.


Another thing that dogs hate about humans is that we scream. The best way to train a dog to obey you is to use what is known as positive reinforcement .

Rebuking them when they do something bad, yelling at them, will cause them to feel fear and anxiety, or in other cases they will simply not understand why you are screaming at them, generating a state of discomfort.

If you want to set limits to your pet, it is better to do it using positive reinforcement, reward it to stop doing what irritates you (for example, steal your socks), once you have released them, give them a cookie or pet snacks, In the long term, their behavior will improve, but this may require time and patience.

You can also use a clicker to train a dog.

Petting a dog's face or patting his head

Similar to what happens with hugs, dogs usually allow this type of action only when it is a person they trust or a loved one, but only in an attitude of tolerance, not liking.

Think of it this way, would you like a stranger or in known cases, to touch your face or pat your head? All those feelings that are coming to your head at this time when you imagine the situation are the same ones that invade your pet.

Dogs like us, need respect, so it is important to teach our children and also do it ourselves, respect the personal space of our dogs .

Forcing your dog to interact with dogs or people that are not to your liking

Another thing that dogs hate about humans is that we force them to be with people or animals that are not to their liking. We all have people that we like or others that we would prefer not to cross, and this is not the exception with dogs.

There are many dog ​​owners who often ignore the signals of their pets, pressuring them to interact in social situations that are not to their liking, forcing them to be with other dogs in parks and forcing them to allow the caress of strangers.

To avoid this situation, it is important to know how to interpret the body language of your pet, these attitudes are usually quite obvious to notice, so if you want to be happy, avoid getting in touch with but all those individuals who can alter it.

Do not let them sniff the environment

Taking your pet for a walk is one of his favorite activities, not only for the exercise that accompanies this activity, but to smell the aromas of the environment (and mark them) is his way of gathering information about the world around them.

Imagine that this is the means of your pet to be up to date with the information of the world, just as you do it through social networks. When you hurry your dog to follow the step while it stops to sniff, it is as if while browsing the web someone will turn off the device by which you are informing, which will not be at all pleasant.

Remember this comparison the next time you take your pet for a walk and he stops to sniff, if you give him his time, he will be much happier.

Dress them or put them accessories

Similar to previous cases, this is another of the human attitudes that dogs tolerate much more than feeling liked by them. It does not happen with all breeds but you can consider it appropriate to accustom your pet to wearing sweaters or capes in the winter to keep them warm, but you should not abuse this.

Putting dresses or costumes makes them become a focus of attention, which in several races is to your liking, but in many others, this causes them anxiety and confusion, and may react badly to this change of attitude in terms of the amount of attention that they normally receive.

To be in a bad mood

Another thing that dogs hate about humans is that we're in a bad mood. Dogs are beings with an incredible sense of empathy, capturing when their human friend is angry, sad or stressed.

Some of these attitudes are inevitable, we all have bad days and we are emotional beings, but if you find yourself always sending negative emotions to the environment, your dog can be affected, adopting your same feelings, or in the worst case, getting physically sick at the sight surrounded by so much negativity.

Leave them alone too long

Dogs are familiar animals, need the presence of other beings in the home to be happy, if you, like so many people spend many hours outside your home for work, it is normal that you do not spend many hours with your pet .

This absence saddens your dog, causing it to get sick or even become vengeful. This situation is even worse if when you arrive at the house you do not spend any time playing with it .

To solve this you can get someone of your pet's trust who comes by your home and dedicates some time, reducing the hours of solitude, but it is important to note that a dog likes nothing more than spending time with his favorite human.

Abandon them in the street or in animal shelters

Dogs suffer a lot when they are abandoned, it is not necessary to be so empathic to answer the question, what would you feel if the beings you love throw you out of your home because they no longer love you? Leaving them in the street is something that simply has no excuse but leaving them in a shelter can be for several reasons that would be necessary to analyze in a specific way.

If you can not keep your pet, for whatever reason, the best thing you can do to make it happy is to take time to find a home where you can be sure that he will be loved, treated with respect and will take all the care that the You need and certainly deserve it.