How to choose the right university career

The choice of a university career is one of the most important decisions in the life of a student. Determining what career is appropriate is a difficult and personal decision, in which nobody can help you decide. What we can offer you is a guide with a series of parameters for values ​​and help you decide. That's why from .com we have prepared How to choose the right university career . Take paper and pencil to sort your ideas, so it will be much clearer.

You will need to:
  • reflect
  • Cutting notes
  • Your notes
  • paper and pencil
Steps to follow:


There must be a balance between what you like and what you know how to do. One can be very good in science subjects for example, but if you do not like them too much, dedicating yourself to it can be a torture. Although normally, you are good at what you like, do not forget to take this point as the first step to choosing a career .


Think about the offer of that profession . It is necessary to study something that you like and what you see working in the future, but if you can not work because there is no way out ... Then you better look for another option that you like. Think that to that other aspect you can dedicate time as a hobby or in the future, who knows, maybe you can form.


Calculate the price of the race and if it is affordable for your family. Think that there are careers that need a lot of extra material that is very expensive, usually they are the science ones; although they are also usually the best paid. At this point you should also determine if you have the possibility of studying at a public or private university.


Find the cut notes of previous years and calculate the average you have in the institute. If at the level that you are now does not reach you, think that surely it will not. Look for alternatives or think about studying something that can give you access in the future to that career you like (type a Higher Degree of the branch of what interests you). The road is longer, but it will take you to the goal you pursue.


Finally, it does not hurt to think about the salary that you will probably have. Although you never know, because in the races there are also cycles in which some are more demanding than others. As always, it will depend on supply and demand.

  • You can set the order of preference you want.
  • In a notebook you can go scoring your preferences, so it will be much more visual.