How to convert square meters to square feet

While it is not possible to convert square feet into meters, the process to convert from square feet to square meters is very simple and useful. This helps when you need to convert measurements from the floor plan of a building to a customer or an American colleague. This basic formula is also useful as one more step when you need to get to the answer of other more complex problems.

You will need to:
  • Calculator
  • Paper
  • Pencil
Steps to follow:


To move from square meters to square feet you only have to use a very simple formula. You have to divide the square meters by 0.0929 and thus you will get the square footage. The formula is: p2 = m2 / 0.0929


Use your calculator to divide the number of square meters (90) by 0.0929p2 = m2 / 0.0929 = 90 / 0.0929


Finally, he just needs to write down the correct answer, so it's 968, 783 square feet.


To do the conversion upside down, from square feet to square meters will be the previous but inverse formula: m2 = p2 x 0.0929