How to control nerves before an exam

Anxiety can play tricks, especially if you find yourself in front of a sheet with numerous questions that you have to answer correctly to pass a course, the driving test, the exams ... How to control the anxiety in those moments? gives you some simple instructions to control anxiety before an exam. Do not lose your nerves.

Steps to follow:


Anxiety is measured in levels. It is normal that we are afraid to suspend an exam and that we feel a bit uneasy, it happens to all of us. However, excessive nervousness implies something else. Maybe you're aware that you have not prepared the exam well enough. The solution here would be to plan well the time and establish some schedules so that the day of the exam does not happen.


The day before the exam try to sleep at least 8 hours and do not make an excessive effort to study. The previous day is to rest since you will hardly learn new concepts.


Do not go on an empty stomach to the exam and do not stuff yourself with foods high in sugar. Fruit and some vegetable would be ideal to take the cleared mind to the examination.


Know some breathing and relaxation technique and apply it on the day of the exam. It will help you relax your muscles and when you are calm think better. You'll see how the exam answers come out on their own.


If you suddenly go blank in a question do not stay stuck in it, as it is more likely that your stress level is increasing. So jump to another question and when you have answered all returns to retake that in which you went blank.


Do not dare to answer the questions. Make sure you have read the instructions of what is requested in them, make an outline of how you are going to answer it and try to write it coherently and without misspellings. Go quietly and everything will come out by mouth.