How to behave at the table

Do you have a formal dinner and want to know the protocol at the table ? There are some essential rules that will get you up to the task knowing how to act at all times. There is nothing worse at the time of going to a meal or an elegant dinner that does not know how to act so in this article we offer you the basic rules that you must take into account so that you learn how to behave at the table . Take note of all these tips that will get you in a good position in front of the rest of the guests.

Steps to follow:


One of the first rules you should know about the behavior at the table is that before sitting on chairs men should help women to settle in their seats. The typical gesture of accompanying the lady's chair must be followed to the letter and, only when she is seated, the man can take a seat.


You should also know that whenever a woman gets up from the table (to go to the bathroom or whatever), men should get up too, the same they will have to do when she returns to her seat, before she feels, the men they must stand and the one closest to them will have to help him to get settled back in the seat.


The correct posture on the table should consist of keeping the back straight and upright and putting the forearm on the table (we should never have the arms under the table nor support the elbows). When you speak, try to make the tone moderate, never try to talk to a guest who is very far away or laugh very loudly.


When you are eating you have to know that there are still rules such as, for example, if you need someone to reach you for salt or a dish that is away from you, never get up or try to catch yourself crossing your arm in front of another person. The most appropriate thing is to politely request that you get what you need and always give thanks.

During the meal you should also try to avoid talking when you have food in your mouth, nor is it appropriate for you to gesticulate while holding the cutlery in your hand. To bring the food closer to your mouth, you should bear in mind that it is bad seen that you put your mouth close to the cutlery, the right thing to do is to bring the cutlery closer and when it is close to your mouth, open it.


Nor should you forget that to behave at the table you must chew with your mouth closed and without making any noise. Nor is it allowed to sip or make noise with baby, it is very rude. To avoid any unpleasant image, it is also not appropriate for you to drink water when you have food in your mouth, it is best if you wait to swallow it and then you can drink.


The theme of cutlery is easier than it seems. Keep in mind that a formal table will always be set following the same protocol so you do not get overwhelmed if you see many cutlery next to your plate because the trick is simple: start using those that are farther from the plate and go closer as they go by dishes.

To know what the cup of water is and not to confuse it with wine, it is good to know that it is always placed near the tip of the knife. The glass of white wine is smaller than the red one so you only have to compare both glasses to know which is the right one.

If you are the person in charge of preparing the table and you do not know what the protocol is, in this article we tell you how to set the table correctly.


Once you have finished eating, you can communicate by placing the knife (with the edge part in) along with the fork crossing the plate in a diagonal manner. You should never cross the silverware because the message you are sending is that you did not like the food.


Other key behaviors that you should know to avoid giving a bad image of you in a formal meal:

  • Never get up from the table unless you have to go to the bathroom or because of some need. Always, before doing so, it is important that you excuse yourself.
  • The mobiles can never be on the table and the most appropriate thing is that they are silenced (nothing in vibration mode because they sound equally).
  • The napkin has to be placed on the lap at the same time you sit at the table. Forget about the bib mode napkin because it is totally inappropriate.
  • To indicate that you do not want more food or drink, never cover the plate or glass with your hand, you will only have to indicate to the waiter that you have finished.

In this article we offer you in a more general way how to have good manners at the table.