How to contact César Millán

César Millán is an expert dog trainer who has gained fame in several countries thanks to his amazing results. Better known as the dog charmer, it is able to tame even the most aggressive and deal with cases that other professionals would consider high risk. In view of the effectiveness of their work, many people wish to contact him to raise doubts about the training of his dog or offer to treat his conflicting dog. If you are one of these people and you do not know how to contact César Millán, in this article we show you the different ways.

How to contact César Millán via Facebook

If you want to contact César Millán via Facebook, you can do it through two pages. If you reside in Spain and want to become a fan of the dog charmer, you must give "Like" in the following link. If you live outside of this country, you can "Like" this Facebook link and follow all the news and suggestions.

In both cases you can share your problems, expose your doubts and create debates to solve all your questions, as well as to know other cases.

How to contact César Millán via Twitter

To contact the dog ecanter via Twitter, the same as with the previous social network, there is one for residents in Spain and one for the rest. You just have to click "Continue" to start receiving news from your twitter account. For Spain, the Twitter of César Millán is the following: @cesarmilla_es, which already has more than 11, 000 followers who are up to date with all their news. For those who live outside Spain, you can follow it through this account: @cesarmillan, with more than 690, 000 followers.

How to contact Césa Millán through other channels

But Facebook and Twitter are the only ways you can turn to contact César Millán . You can also do it through your own website, by clicking on "Contact", located at the bottom of the page, and filling in the form. Here is the link of the form. However, due to the huge volume of demands, you may not receive an immediate response and you should contact him through the above ways.

Another way of contacting César Millán is through the web portal of the dog charmer, on the right side of the page where he says "Advice in your email". You can also share your doubts through the forum.

How to see César Millán in person

But if you are a true fan of César Millán, you would love to see him in person. Well, the dog groomer organizes canine shows and shows in several cities so that everyone who wants to can go and see in person as he trains the dogs. If you follow it through Facebook and Twitter you can be aware of all your visits and not miss one. But, for more security, check their web pages, exposed in the previous section, and watch the news. They always show upcoming shows and summarize what happened in those already made. With all these ways it is very likely that you can see César Millán and watch the dog charmer perform.