How to build an Artemiero

You like the aquarium fish and also you wonder how you can hatch brine shrimp to feed their young, because then I will explain how to create an artemier one with a minimum investment. Follow the instructions below step by step and you will discover how to make an artemiero.

You will need to:
  • Silicone for fish tank
  • 1 file for nails
  • 1 scissors or blade
  • Air hose
  • 1 Bottle of 2 liters of water
  • 1 15-liter engine
  • 1 Aerator
Steps to follow:


First you must cut the bottle on the second line from bottom to top with the scissors or blade. After completing this task you should file the edges so that you do not cut with the steps later.


Now, to the lid of the bottle should be made a hole so that it can be traversed by the hose and that this is not loose, should be careful as the plastic lid is quite weak and It can be cut too easily, making a hole larger than necessary.


Open a hole in the side of the base of the bottle which we cut in step one. In addition, another hole must be made in one of the vertical grooves in the part where the bottle sits and another in the pure center of the bottom of the bottle.


Once the hose is inserted in the bottle cap, place the aerator on the side of the thread and stick it with silicone in such a way that there is no leakage through the hole that was made to introduce the hose.


Once the silicone is dry, we pass the other end of the hose through the hole in the middle of the bottle from the inside out, we introduce again the tip of the hose through the hole in the vertical groove of the bottle and finally we introduce it into the hole on the side of it. Then we screw the lid with the top of the bottle.


Then we are ready our Artemiera and we have to verify that it does not leak and will be ready to be used connected the end of the hose that went through the hole in the side and will look like this.