How to host a foreign student and earn extra money

Arriving at the end of the month is sometimes complicated, especially in the case of certain groups such as pensioners, unemployed, mileuristas or if the mortgage and loans share drown us. In these cases, extra money is always welcome. If you have a free room at home, you can make it profitable by hosting one of the many foreign students who, every year, come to a new country to study normally in higher education, such as masters or postgraduate studies. In this article we are going to discover how to host a foreign student and earn extra money . Attentive!

Steps to accommodate a foreign student

These students seek to live in a family environment that allows them to reside and, at the same time, improve the level of the language . According to the people who already house students in their house, the work they give is not too much since it only means cooking for one more person and washing and ironing their clothes. Therefore, an average of between 15 and 20 euros a day is charged. A pretty good amount of money that can help you pay bills or make renovations at home.

If we decide that we want to opt for this option, we should contact one of the multiple agencies that are dedicated to managing the accommodation of foreign students in Spain. Normally they will be university students but they can also be students of what in Spain would be the level of Bachillerato.

These agencies will assess whether our home is suitable as accommodation taking into account aspects such as the room designated for the student, the spaciousness of the floor or the proximity to the place where they conduct their studies.

Keep in mind that these students are in our country for two reasons: one of them is to learn our language and, the other, to continue with their studies that, possibly, in their country of origin they do not realize them or give them credits for doing it in the Foreign.

Other options to accommodate students

We can also choose to advertise our extra room in portals such as Airbnb, increasingly used by students and tourists who want to have a warmer and closer experience with local people who welcome them into their homes. Normally, this type of website offers more competitive prices if the person who is going to stay at home does so for a longer period of time, just as it was done in the past with pensions or hotels.

Finally, we can go to the Universities to inform us of which agencies carry out these procedures or search for the agencies on the Internet. Once the first student stays at our address, this will become part of the database of the agency, which, while not say otherwise, we can continue to host students, obtaining extra money and enjoying an enriching experience.

Of course: you have to keep in mind that establishing rules of coexistence is basic so that everything goes well. Remember that they are students, therefore, they are young people who go to another country to live new and free experiences. We recommend that you state how you want to live together at home to avoid future problems when it comes to housing a foreign student.