How to expand my vocabulary

Having a good and extensive vocabulary is synonymous with culture and intelligence, and is that a person who knows how to express their ideas and opinions consistently has greater opportunities for employment and promotion within an organization. Getting it is not as difficult as it seems, it only requires a little dedication, in .com we give you some keys so you know how to expand and improve your vocabulary

Steps to follow:


Reading is one of the best ways to expand our vocabulary and improve spelling, but it is not enough to do it eventually, if you really want to improve you should make it a habit and vary, from magazines to literature, textbooks, essays, etc. Reading is a great way to invest our free time and acquire culture


Identify in the texts that you read the words you do not know and look for their meaning in a dictionary or on the Web of the Royal Spanish Academy, also look for at least two synonyms of that word in order to expand your vocabulary and learn to substitute instead to be repetitive. This is a great tool when writing correctly


Try to learn at least 3 new words every day, for this you can use the dictionary and place them at random. Try to choose terms that you can apply on a daily basis. Make a sentence with each of these new words and use them in a conversation whenever possible


Whenever you hear a word whose meaning you do not know, write it down and investigate what it means, curiosity is the motor that constantly drives us to learn new things, and this is no exception


Do not just dedicate yourself to memorize words, to expand your vocabulary it is very important that you understand what they mean and how to use them, otherwise it is time lost. For that you can use the dictionary and if you have doubts, research on the Internet until you have it completely clear


These suggestions merit that you dedicate some time to the task, but you will see how in a few weeks the effort will begin to show its fruits and you will have a better vocabulary