How to face the first year of university

The first year in college can be really shocking for students. It is a very big step, in which the responsibilities with education increase considerably. Although it is true that the young person chooses, theoretically, a field or profession that interests him, the truth is that the increase of freedom and the demand in the classrooms can be really stressful. Therefore, it is essential to attend to a series of ideas that we offer you in order to know how to face the first year of university successfully.

Steps to follow:


Changes from a school to a university can be really big. These changes, sometimes, make the students feel disoriented, overcome by the circumstances and scared. It is important to identify the symptoms before this type of problems, such as lack of sleep, lack of concentration, fatigue or even a clear demotivation. The first thing to do when facing this new challenge is to realize that we really need to change certain attitudes and habits.


Sleep disorders can try to correct themselves by being busy for the day. It is not just about going to classes. Perhaps, during the first year of university, it suits us to sign up for certain sports activities, this will make us burn a lot of energy and at night we better reconcile the dream.


During the first year in the faculty, it is important to begin to establish relationships with the rest of the classmates. These will suppose an essential pillar in the low moments. For this, it may be a good idea to sign up for certain seminars or activities outside the classroom that are oriented to our personal tastes and concerns. In this way we will find people similar to us and it will be much easier to establish a relationship with them.


If we have problems, the best thing is to talk . Speaking, we will be able to release a huge amount of negative energy. Many times we think that problems are bigger than they actually look from the outside. So, if during our first year of university we feel lost and overtaken by events, it is better to talk about it and in this way try to relativize it.


We should not sink morally by suspending an examination . As a general rule, during the first year in the faculty, students tend to lower their grades. Many students who had never failed an exam now do so. We must avoid seeing it as something dramatic. It's just a stone on the road and suspending an exam does not mean finishing our stay at the university.


If we suffer from stress and anxiety, it is important to perform some activity or relaxation technique. The truth is that the nerves will not help us pass the exams of the first year of university. So, let's try by all means to relax our mind and body to be calmer; In this article we explain examples of activities to combat stress.


It is essential to have a good planning and organization during this first university stage. The level is more demanding, and therefore, surely we should change our methods of study . Normally in the first years of university study workshops are taught, ideal to learn to study in this new scenario.


Finally, the concept of working groups or study groups is very interesting. It is a way to socialize with the rest of our classmates, at the same time that we share different tools for studying.