How to save time in the morning

Most of the people wake up feeling a bit slow and sleepy, this is one of the reasons why sometimes it seems that we can not get out of the house, going around from one side to the other without being able to concentrate. If to this you add that we always postpone the time of the alarm clock to gain a few minutes of sleep, the result is that we end up leaving home delayed; but there is a way to solve this problem and save time in the morning . In .com we give you some keys to get it.

Steps to follow:


One of the best ways to save time in the morning is to decide the night before what clothes you will wear, in this way you will avoid losing valuable minutes by changing your wardrobe 5 times or because you do not know what to wear or because what you had in mind is not clean. Take advantage and if you must iron a shirt or pants leave it ready, if you have children you have the same with them


If you do not need a shower to wake up, then take the bath just before going to bed, this way you'll sleep relaxed, you'll wake up ready to get dressed and invest those minutes in staying a little longer in bed


Leave everything at hand to prepare breakfast and the lunch box that you take to work. Between looking for things, opening and closing closets, thinking that we will make breakfast, organize what we will take to lunch we lose a lot of time every morning, instead if you leave it ready you will get out faster from home


Make your bag and your children's bag ready the night before. Many times we must take things to work or any of the activities we do in the morning, the best thing to save time and avoid leaving something important is to prepare it when we are more awake and energetic


These simple measures will prevent you from wandering around the house, saving important minutes every morning and allowing you to leave the house much more relaxed and unhurried