How to act during a forest fire

Every summer forest fires affect thousands of hectares worldwide, reducing ashes kilometers and kilometers of wooded areas and taking everything in the middle, moving as fast as the wind. In most cases people do not know how to react to this situation so we give you some important clues about how to act during a forest fire

Steps to follow:


If you live or are vacationing in a wooded area stay informed about the weather situation, especially during the summer, the authorities usually warn about heat waves and fire possibilities due to drought


If a fire breaks out in a wooded area near your house there are important steps you must take quickly, in principle cut gas supplies to avoid any accidental explosion


If you have flammable objects in the house or garden, remove them from your home, gas tanks and flammable furniture are a major risk in the event that the fire approaches your home


If the authorities order an evacuation follow the instructions, prepare an escape plan with your family, if possible spray with plenty of water outside your house and before leaving leave all the lights on so that firefighters can know that your home is find there. Load your vehicle with potable water, cover their faces with masks or wet rags and evacuate


If you are caught by fire, throw yourself on the ground, cover your body with a thick coat, cover your mouth and nose with a rag or tissue and try to get away from the place, if your clothes start to catch fire the most effective way to turn it off is rolling about yourself


After a fire it is important to stay away from trees and charred structures, as they could collapse causing much damage, you should also be aware of the holes left by the trees when they have been consumed by fire to the root, you could fall into them. If you have been evacuated do not return unless the authorities indicate, the fires could be rekindled

  • In the event of a forest fire it is important to follow the instructions of the authorities
  • Remember that the vital thing is to maintain the safety of your family and yours, draw a plan and evacuate if necessary