How to act before drowning by immersion

Drowning by drowning is suffocation caused by water or any other liquid. It occurs when the liquid prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs and enriching the blood. Every year there are many deaths by drowning. It can occur in a pool or bathtub as easily as in the sea, especially in young children. Even seasoned swimmers may find themselves in difficulties when bathing. Do not go swimming alone.

Steps to follow:


When a person is drowning it can be dominated by panic, thereby endangering the life of the lifeguard. If you are alone, do not try to rescue a drowning person, unless you have experience in water rescue techniques.


Call a lifeguard or send someone in your search and, meanwhile, keep track of the victim's position


If you can not count on the help of a lifeguard, throw a rope or extend a stick or branch toward the victim. If the depth of the water is not excessive and there are other people in the vicinity, require your help to form a human chain and reach the victim.


Do not try to eliminate water from the victim's lungs. The person in question may be in a Shock state.


Do not forget to place in the position of vomit that is to say to achieve to place the head towards the side to allow that the liquid content is eliminated and that this does not enter the deep respiratory cavity or via low area.


After this action, the Heimlich maneuver will be performed on the ground, which consists of eliminating the water content while the child is on a hard surface. For this, the fist of the hand will be located on the abdomen, approximately 2cm above the navel, immediately compress and make simple ventilations, that is to say, insert air through the mouth 2 times. Once on a hard surface on the pool platform or another area, start Resuscitation type ABC.


Kick the victim with blankets or dresses. Do not give alcohol to drink to the victim.

  • Medical attention is always necessary, even if the victim seems to have recovered completely because a person who has almost drowned can suffer serious complications, such as pneumonia or heart problems.