How to access a higher grade cycle

Applications to attend higher grade cycles are becoming more frequent. The certain thing is that they suppose a quite interesting option at the time of continuing our studies after the corresponding courses of baccalaureate, because there is a wide offer of cycles depending on the area that interests us, be it health, aesthetics or kitchen, for example. When someone intends to enroll, it must be clear how to access a higher grade cycle, since a series of requirements must be met.

Steps to follow:


There are several access routes to higher grade cycles . The first one is through an academic degree. We can therefore access them if we have a baccalaureate or equivalent, such as COU or the specialist technical degree of FP2, among others.


If we access from the Baccalaureate to a higher cycle, we must know that each training cycle we access will have one or more priority modalities of access. Therefore, if there are more applicants than places, first access those students who have completed one of the priority modalities.


Another way is to have a degree of Technician of Medium Degree . This qualification certifies that we have passed a specific training course for access to these higher grades.


They can also access those who pass the entrance exam to the university for over 25 years .


Finally, if we are not in any of the above situations, we can also access by passing a test that is called every year . This test is regulated by the corresponding educational administration. In order to present ourselves, we must be of legal age.


Whatever our way of access, we will enter the list only if the rest of the candidates have a lower grade than ours. In addition, in many centers reserve lists are enabled, so if the course started some student was unsubscribed, we could opt for his place.