How much is a cubic centimeter

The cubic centimeter is the unit used to measure the volume . It is equivalent to one millionth of a cubic meter and is represented by the cm³ symbol. This unit is usually used to calculate the volume of a large amount of liquid, a pool for example, or to catalog the engines of cars. In case some day you have to calculate your equivalences, in this article we show you how much a cubic centimeter equals .

Steps to follow:


As we have already said, the cubic centimeter is a unit that measures the volume of what corresponds to a cube of one centimeter per side .


Therefore, one cubic centimeter is equal to 0.001 liters.


If we consider the relation above, we will realize that 1 cm³ is equivalent to 1 milliliter, so a cube of 1 cm³ has a capacity of 1 ml.


If what we want is to measure the mass, the equivalence of 1 cm³ is 1 g . In this way, in a 20 cm³ cube we can put 20 g of frozen water, for example.