8 purposes that you will not meet in the new year

On the day of AƱonuevo there are long lists of purposes for the days that arrive and the year that begins. Although some are new or vary, most of these proposals are the same year after year and, likewise, there is another thing that is repeated: they are not fulfilled . But it is not about miracles, but about facts that we must fulfill with will and strength. And it is not that we do not believe in you, but that our experience shows us that few (if not none) objectives become facts. Tell us after reading this article if we are wrong with these 8 purposes that you will not meet in the new year .


Let the hand rise who has not proposed to lose weight after the copious Christmas feasts . There will be very few those whom it has not crossed their heads, because we know that this is one of the first purposes at the beginning of the year. But who is able to strictly comply with a severe diet and renounce so many pleasures? Maybe for a while (a few weeks or a month, no more) we can do it, but later we will remember how well we ate before the diet and we will fall into temptation, of course ...

Join the gym (and go!)

Another classic: I'll sign up for the gym. Easy, right? Yes, but then comes the complicated: go regularly. The normal thing is to start with much desire, visit the gym daily, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm; but with the passing of days things change. We begin to come up with better plans at the time we had booked to exercise and put aside the gym, until it reaches a point that we are paying the fee without taking advantage of it. And then we think: damn the day I signed up!

Learn or study a language

We have all proposed a thousand times improve our English, many want to recover the forgotten French and some would try to dare with the Chinese, who say it is the future. And the beginning of the year is usually the ideal time to motivate us to do it, but also to remember that you have to put a lot of desire (and money, of course!) And perseverance. Will we be able this year?

Take out your driving license

Those who continue to walk everywhere, flagging the benefits of public transport or as a package in the car of friends and family often propose that it does not pass this year to enroll in the driving school . But there is always something unforeseen: lack of time, very expensive prices, blah blah blah ... and that will be another year.

Ask for a salary increase

We all want to charge more and especially after Christmas expenses and with the impending January cost. But I think that nougat and champagne have not yet given us enough courage to enter our boss's office and tell him to raise our salary. Maybe next time!

Make a master

Expanding our knowledge is another of those common things that we all have in mind. And with the beginning of the year, the desire to change life, to expand horizons and all that is said ... we light the bulb and we insist on returning to the classroom to do a master . But this is not a decision that is taken so easily, you should think about the great investment it entails, and not just money, but also time, sacrifice, hours of study ... Are you sure you are ready?

Find a partner

Starting the year alone makes many people reconsider and they think that maybe it's time to settle down and find a stable partner . But the "new year, new life" is not a miracle and will not fall sweethearts, so it will be a tough task for the new year ...

Change of look

The return to routine, the slope of January, the post-holiday depression ... there are many factors that make the first month of the year one of the hardest on a psychological level. And they say that nothing better to remove the pain than a visit to the hairdresser, but that means: an added expense, find enough time to change our image, the insecurity of seeing us well later ... Buf, better leave it for the the next year!

  • Do not propose things that you know since you will not comply.