7 purposes that you will not meet in September

When September arrives, as in the New Year, we all propose to change our lives and set ourselves some goals . Normally, the same ones year after year because we never managed to fulfill them ... It is very well to pose challenges, but it is also necessary not to lose the north and be realistic. It is not worth remembering Santa Barbara when it thunders, but that our proposals have to go according to our life. In we know that it also happens to you, and in this article you will find 7 purposes that you are not going to fulfill this September . Is it or is it not?

Steps to follow:


Start a collectible

When September arrives, the media (and especially television!) Bombard us with the arrival of collectible fascicles, some of the most varied ... But if you still find one that catches your attention and you would like to Do the entire collection, do not kid yourself, you will not get it. You may buy the first three deliveries, which you order at the kiosk that they keep, but you will never finish it. One reason may be the difference between the announcement and reality, and another (the most common) the progressive increase in the price of each delivery.


Learn or study a language

We have all proposed a thousand times improve our English, many want to recover the forgotten French and some would try to dare with the Chinese, who say it is the future. And September is usually the ideal time to motivate us to do it, but also to remember that we have never set to work. And difficult to put on now ...


Take out your driving license

Those who continue to walk everywhere, flagging the benefits of public transport or as a package in the car of friends and family often propose that it does not happen in September to sign up for the driving school . But there is always something unforeseen: lack of time, very expensive prices, blah blah blah ... and that will be another year.


Ask for a salary increase

We all want to charge more and especially after the holidays and have squandered our salary in summer. But I think the sun's rays will not have given us enough courage to enter our boss's office and tell him to raise our salary. Maybe next time!


Make a master

Expanding our knowledge is another of those common things that we all have in mind. And with the "back to school" of the kids we turn on the light bulb and we insist on returning to the classrooms to do a master's degree. But this is not a decision that is taken so easily, you should think about the great investment it entails, and not just money, but also time, sacrifice, hours of study ... Are you sure you are ready?


Find a partner

They say that September is the month of the year with the highest number of divorces ... And you want to throw yourself a boyfriend / girlfriend? After the summer loves, it will not be the best time for Cupid to take pity on you, so wait a little and everything will go better.


Change of look

In September is also very common post-holiday depression, and say that nothing better to remove the pain than a visit to the hairdresser . But do not go over, because maybe when you go back to work, they will not know you and it will still be worse.