6 habits that increase our insecurity

If what you want is to have a full life, where you enjoy a relationship in which you feel happy, free of jealousy and negative emotions, it is crucial to evaluate if you are connected to the type of energy and positive emotions that attract your life plus things related to what you want, or if on the contrary you have been putting into practice some of the habits that increase our insecurity putting in danger both your inner peace and the life of your relationship. Find out and correct it immediately.

Steps to follow:


Choice # 1. See novels, degrading talk shows, and any kind of readings or things that install ideas and beliefs associated with negative emotions and feelings. These kinds of things are toxic influences for a positive life, they show you in enlarged size the lowest of the human being, they focus on painful situations that are installed in your mind creating negative films of your own life, so it will affect you less that you decide to change the channel consciously.


Choice # 2 Dedicate your time and resources to look for evidence that your partner is not loyal or find reasons that indicate you are not worth enough to have a full relationship. Inevitably they say that the one who seeks finds, and if you continue to operate in this way in one way or another, you will end up obtaining that result that you are looking for, because your energy and focus show that it is what you need to leave the search.


Choice # 3 Choose to keep a diary of all the times in which you have felt cheated, insulted and not valued. It's like choosing to create a life of constant suffering because instead of connecting with what you want you are recording what hurts you.


Election # 4. Write poems of heartbreak, sadness and tragedy very frequently. This will keep your mood connected with these kinds of feelings so that you will be suffering a lot of your time.


Choice # 5 . Start a blog, group or space where the purpose of it is to tell the sadness, tragedy and all the negative that you have lived in the field of love, to attract more people to show you how bad life can be with some people. Open a space to focus on what you want to live, in love, joy, happiness, so you can get all the good things people have to share.


Choice # 6. Know the whole theory about the law of attraction, positive thinking and personal improvement, and continue operating from the negative pole in a conscious way connected with sadness, pain and distrust about yourself and your relationship. couple. Changing these choices requires work and decision, but undoubtedly the effort will take you on a positive path. Find strategies to eliminate the jealousy of your life here