5 keys to being a good communicator

Speaking in public needs preparation and awareness of how important it is. These five communication keys will serve you when you want to transmit a message, whether it is a friend, a group of friends or a large crowd of people. Do not miss this article to discover 5 keys to be a good communicator.

You will need to:
  • Pen
  • Folio

One great message

We must be very clear about what we want to convey. Before communicating our idea we have to think about what exactly we want to say. It is very important to be able to write it in one sentence.

Tell it in a memorable way

Our message competes with countless other messages that we all receive daily. To remind us of ours, we should make it especially interesting and that can be achieved through memorable stories.

Language that connects

The language we choose to communicate will depend on those to whom the message is addressed. Creating a language of our own is an error that distances us from our interlocutors, since the language we use speaks of us. Language not only refers to vocabulary, it also refers to examples.

The message that is worth is the one that captures the people

Once we have built the message, a single great message, told in an interesting way, with a language that connects, we have to work on its staging . We have to look the public in the eye, read their reactions. And be able to change communication at all times depending on the reactions we perceive.

Invite instead of trying to convince ...

When we try to convince, we do not convince. Only if we are convinced of what we say and are able to transmit it, we have the opportunity to be convincing. Persuading others can not be our goal, but it will be to show us convinced, and to spread that enthusiasm.

  • In the construction of our message and in the act of communication we must get to "touch" people. Reach your heart
  • We forget the things we only understand. We always remember the things that, besides understanding, we feel.